Homeward bound!

So, we had just seen some unhappy chickens and found ourselves lost by a big roundabout.

The path we left was supposed to join up to another public footpath but, considering the resort had hidden the path we were on behind a huge welcome sign, we had no idea where the other one was. We walked around an ENTIRE (very busy) roundabout…we crossed five very busy roads…and we still couldn’t find it!

Finally, after a loop and a half, we saw this:

Ha, okay!

You see that tangle of brambles? Yeah, that’s supposed to be a path…wow, something tells me they don’t care much for walkers at this resort 😛


This is a path, obviously

We walked alongside where the path was supposed to be, with a busy road to the left of us, and finally there was a possible way through the brambles and we managed to join the track. Even though there was the immaculate resort on one side, the path was very badly kept – litter, fallen trees, blockages etc.

After five minutes it spat us out by an A road…and we had to cross it. It was like a game of frogger where the cars are moving at 70mph XD

On the other side of the busy road we joined a small dirt track lane and, after a short walk, we went under the train tracks instead of over this time!

A brief climb up a hill brought us to another country road, and although it was just one lane with no pavements, it was fairly quiet and we didn’t struggle to keep out of the way of cars. Kasper loved climbing the dry stone walls to check what was on the other side 🙂

We followed the road to a nearby village, and we were almost home!

A few quick photos of various beautiful signs that spring is springing…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and a quick pose from my boys…

…and we were on the home stretch 🙂

Oh also – someone had an off lead Labrador walking down THIS road – like seriously?! Cars fly down here!

I don’t care how well trained your dog is, there are lead laws for a reason.

Also, it only takes one tiny mistake for your dog to wind up hit by a car and dead…a cat, a sheep, a loud bang that startles your dog…why take the risk?! Just put a bloody lead on your dog!

We saw an off lead dog at the train station the other day, and it was running up and down the platform barking as a train was pulling in. It makes me so mad!!


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