Walk post #2

I have woken up at 4am with really bad acid reflux and am now trying to drink a huge glass of water & baking soda to fix it – what better time to blog?!

I left off the previous blog just as we’d joined the muddy track by the river…


…as you can see we had some curious sheepsies watching us 😀

These sheep were right by the fence, within a few feet of the path we were were walking along, and Kasper just about lost it – we had already walked past a lot of sheep on this walk, and he had remained beautifully calm, so it was a shame but I can’t blame him at all…not only were these sheep so close but they were also running too; Kasper’s favourite!

Kasper bounced around at the end of his lead, and it was here that he began to act ill. Quick rest for all!

The fence running almost all the way alongside the sheep was really cool, and I imagined it had been designed to prevent dogs jumping over…if so, that’s really neat 😀

The path followed the river for quite some time, and then all of a sudden we found ourselves walking UNDERNEATH a motorway! See the walkway under the upper bridge on the other side? We wondered if that was for wildlife?

Now the path became more ‘woody’, and in the distance we could see a huge lake.

This lake is actually a resort; it’s surrounded by log cabins that tourists rent out. The public footpath skirts right alongside them, and I was hoping for some beautiful photos of the water. As we moved closer it seemed more and more likely I’d get some 😉

It was at this point that the public footpath we were following just completely disappeared!

One second there was a really obvious path; then just after we’d walked through a gate with a stile to the right – it was gone. There was nothing but jungle ahead; trees, fallen logs, thick clusters of brambles, it was inaccessible!

In the end we had no option but to push through the trees and walk towards the resort – it’s a strictly a ‘dog free zone’, but if they don’t maintain the public footpath on their grounds, what do they expect us to do?!

From up close the view across the lake was breathtaking 🙂

There were a handful of ducks and a goose mooching about by the water, and the goose in particular was NOT happy to see a dog!!

Luckily Kasper is a legend and barely glanced at them – might have been quite a sight to see a dog bouncing about after waterbirds in a place where there are supposed to be no dogs XD

After walking for a few minutes through the resort, my partner spotted a large gate coming off the road. We were trying to determine where it lead when we noticed a fallen public footpath sign behind the gate and to the left – aha!

We went over to investigate and unbolted the gate, and about ten feet from it was the path we were originally following – back from nowhere!

Joining the path and leaving the resort felt good, although I was glad we had seen the lake up close. As walked along there were some miserable chickens in a tiny coop on the other side of the fence…this coop was about 3ft x 1ft and had at least two chickens in there 😦

note to any potential chicken owners; DO NOT KEEP CHICKENS LIKE THIS, they need much more room!!

Finally we left the public footpath right at the main entrance to the resort; we were spat out by a huge roundabout surrounded by four busy roads. Aaaand this is the part where we got totally lost for the first time 😀

I’ll post the final pics tomorrow!


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