Follow the water

Kasper had another gigantic hike today, so I took my camera and got lots of pics.

I should add that Raiden does get walks haha, but the reason you don’t see many photos from his walks is because a) he’s not a big walk kinda dog (he gets tired after 30 minutes!) and b) a camera interferes with my need to be able to dish out treats and use hand signals at a split second’s notice!!

So you’ll have to make do with the beautiful Kasper 😉

We were out for a good few hours today, but I forgot to time the walk, doh!

We went to somewhere neither of us had ever been before; I searched for footpaths online and we figured out a route we could take that wouldn’t involve walking by too many busy roads. We followed several different bodies of water, which was cool, and should have made it easier to find our way if we got lost haha!

It was mostly really fun, but the scariest thing happened; we were in the middle of nowhere, about an hour into our walk, and Kasper stopped walking, looked at us a few times, and just lay down then rolled onto his back :O

This is usually a clear sign a dog is not feeling good, especially if it happens out the blue.

Kasper didn’t want to walk; he would sit, lie down or roll onto his back…we were surrounded by lanes, halfway along an overgrown footpath by a river with sheep on one side, and we didn’t really know where we were…oh shit.

I knelt beside Kasper and checked all his paws whilst my partner fed him treats. I felt his legs, his tummy, and all seemed fine. We sat down with him for a few minutes; he sat on my lap, watched the sheep, ate some treats…and then we carried on and he was fine!!

Jeez, it was so scary! All we can think is he got too excited about the sheep and pulled something (he LOVES sheep and was bouncing about a lot) or maybe his belly was empty and he felt a little sick from it? Who knows.

Anyway, on with the pics! Can you tell he was excited? 😉


To start the adventure we walked up through the town centre towards the canal; Kasper was awesome at following instructions, being calm around people walking by, and waiting at busy roads.

Despite the fact it was surprisingly warm in the sun, you can tell how cold it has been recently because the mountains in the distance all have snowy peaks!

We joined the canal at the furthest point we could, because it’s a sunny Sunday and we tend to see the most obnoxious dogs and owners at the canal on the weekend…we tend to avoid the canal altogether, there are just too many untrained dogs walked on it, but this walk wouldn’t be using it much and it was a quiet section, so we risked it.

The canal was blessedly quiet – we saw one off lead Lab up ahead, but we didn’t catch them. Kasper was happy to be beside the canal and dived in the water for a swim the first chance he got 😀

And what do you do after going for a dip in March? You roll on the ground like a loon, DUH!


We walked along the canal for about twenty minutes, and the further you get the prettier and more remote it becomes.

The fields to the left often hold cows or sheep and are also full of rabbits, so Kasper was kinda fascinated with that side 😀

Eventually we came off the canal, and it was at this point we were walking somewhere we had never been before – how exciting!

We followed a country lane, a narrow road with no footpaths, but it was pretty quiet and the low hedges meant you could almost always see approaching cars. There were A LOT of sheep in various fields, some with recently born lambs 🙂

The lambs were so small and scrawny haha, and very much reminded me of my girl Lottie that I raised from less than 24 hours old to six weeks old.

After following the road over the railroad tracks…


…it was time to join another narrow public footpath through a gate on the left. This path followed a river and was very muddy, uneven, and had a field full of sheep directly to the right of it.

I think that’s enough photos for now (sorry to bombard with you so many!) I will do another post later 😉



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