New food, new wormer

I posted a while back saying that Raiden now has a diet of mostly wet food.

We had him on Nature’s Menu, because the ingredients are good and they sound tasty enough that I would eat them…if I wasn’t a vegetarian anyway 😉

I was looking online for wet foods that I could buy in bulk for a decent price (good quality dog food tends to be sooo expensive, but sometimes you can find brands that seem to have fallen through the cracks).

I found Forthglade.

I had never heard of this brand of food before, which is odd, but when I found 12 packs of their wet food for £12 I thought I would check them out.

I’m glad I did, because we are very happy with their ingredients 🙂

Chicken with brown rice and veg:
Chicken (72%), Brown Rice (4%), Peas (2%), Carrots (2%), Salmon Oil, Seaweed, Minerals, Vitamins, Herbs, Glucosamine, Chondroitin.


We bought a 12 pack which has four chicken and veg, four lamb and veg, and four duck and veg.

So far Raiden (and Kasper by default) has tried the duck – which he LOVED – and the chicken. We started the chicken yesterday, and it was the first time he had eaten a really big meal of dog food, with no pasta added (he was ill and on a bland diet) – he ate every bite, even the kibble mixed in 🙂

Now it’s important to remember that Raiden gets bored of the same food / treats insanely quickly, even the really high value stuff like cooked meats.

The good thing with getting three different flavours is that I can rotate between them every few days – awesome!

We are very happy with our trial in feeding our dogs Forthglade, and will probably be buying 18 packs in next time 😀

Now the wormer.

We worm our dogs a few times a year as a preventative (yes, you are supposed to worm them every three months, but I don’t like pumping our dogs full of chemicals).

The chemical wormers such as Frontline and Bob Martin have always made Kasper vomit about 12-24 hours after taking them – every. single. time. Since he was 9 months old.

I think there was one wormer we tried where he wasn’t sick, but all the others…expect puke!

The vets always try and get us to give him Milbemax, but this is absolutely disgusting as Millbemeax can cause seizures in Collie type dogs…Kasper is a Border Collie cross guys!!

I’ve asked many vets and pet shops about wormers making him sick, and I’m always told they’ve never heard of it before and that it probably just coincided with him eating something funny…this is ridiculous, Kasper is very rarely sick now he is an adult and puking EVERY TIME he is wormed seems pretty damn obvious to me!

Some weeks back we found Four Seasons Intestinal Hygeine Control.

This is a natural, gentle worming product for animals and can be used for: dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, chickens, rabbits, horses and probably more.

You give a tiny drop to the dog once a month (we put it on their food), but if your dog actually has worms you can also offer it daily for a while too.

Obviously I can’t say whether or not this product works, as our pups don’t have worms…but if they ever do have worms, this will be our go-to product!

Kasper had his first dose about four days ago and he wolfed down the food with the wormer on, but then again that’s hardly surprising 😀

We waited anxiously for the next 24 hours, ready to yell “Kasper let’s go walkies!” at the first sign of vomit (I’ve mentioned that Kasper resource guards his puke, right?!)…well, the sick didn’t come!

Raiden had his first dose about a month ago, and because he’s a picky little sod he wasn’t amused when we added a drop of it to his Quest!! He did eat it eventually though, and he had no side effects either 🙂

Four Seasons is really cheap, just £7.50 for 50ml, and one dog is only given 1ml a month.

Now I just need to find some natural tick control, as that is something we have struggled with, and I don’t want my pups getting Lyme’s. There’s one walk in particular around here where ticks are common (we had two ticks on Kasper in two days a few years back!), and although we try and avoid it any time other than winter, I’d like some tick control too.

I love the look of a product called Wondercide, but it’s sold in the US and postage to get it to us is more than the product…eh :/



3 thoughts on “New food, new wormer

  1. Ooo I’ve heard of forthglade, never tried it myself being on raw but it has come up a couple times in my raw communities as one of the better ones to use if you have to go off raw for a bit so sounds a good choice 😀 I agree about being wary of wormers too, I know Bob Martin as a brand is absolutely awful and has been very harmful to a lot of pets (even killed some) but no idea on frontline – I don’t worm either…. It’s just occurred to me that quite a lot of my recent comments make me sounds like a neglectful owner (promise I’m not!) but it’s good to make informed choices for our pets 🙂

    • Ah cool! I was surprised to see a good looking brand of wet dog food that I hadn’t heard of, but we’ve only ever paid careful attention to dry kibble before as our dogs predominantly ate kibble and wet food was just for Kongs…

      Hahahaha you don’t sound like a neglectful owner, I know how much Laufey and MiMi mean to you 😀 I had no idea there were herbal wormers / tick treatment until I discovered Dogs Naturally magazine…through them I found Wondercide and I want to try it so bad; the reviews are really good and apparently you can even use it for things like headlice!!

      • Commercial foods aren’t something I really look at anymore so it’s only what pops up when people are struggling or going away but I’ve seen the brand in an independent pet shop not far away too which was pretty cool. Awww thank you! It’s very obvious looking at your blog how much all of your animals mean to you too so we must be doing something right 😉 I occasionally look at the Dogs Naturally magazine but I don’t buy it so it’s only when articles pop up on my fb that I take note. Wondercide does sound brilliant, I’ll have to remember them for if we have an issue 😀

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