Kasper takes over the blog

Just in case you were about to forget we have two dogs, we’re focusing on this dope today!


“Yeah that’s enough of the ‘dope’ thank you very much…”

So what’s Kasper been up to?

Well, at the end of this month (hello 25th March!) we celebrate our fifth Gotcha Day with Kasper.

WOW. We will have had him for five whole years…that’s just insane. I remember him coming home like it was yesterday and, other than having bushier ears, tail and general over-all appearance, I don’t feel like he has aged at all.

Five years. How is that possible??

So we’re preparing for that; trying to think up a way to make the day really special. Our pups usually gets toys, treats and a really big walk on their Gotcha Days so it’s time to get planning haha 🙂

In other news we have switched to giving him a frozen Kong every time he goes into his crate…it just seems to make sense. Frozen Kongs last longer, he enjoys them more, and it means we have a readily available supply of Kongs. He is loving it!

He got to play with Raiden’s Wubba yesterday because Rey prefers toys that are a little beat up, and me and Boo had LOTS of fun with that!

Not only did we have some fun tugging (and we worked in some awesome impulse control by asking for a ‘drop it’ and rewarding him more for split second drops!)…

…but he also had fun chomping it. He was chewing it for about five minutes before the Wubba suffered a casualty.

And of course we tossed it about a lot and I got some photos of Mr Gormless having fun 🙂


“Pass me the Wubba and nobody gets hurt…”


*mounting excitement*


It’s heeeere!

Mixed in with the play we did some nail work.

I got some new scissor style clippers that arrived the other day, after reading they’re supposed to be much nicer for the dog than guillotine style ones. It certainly seems that way so far, we had our most chilled nail session ever – NO anxiety whatsoever 🙂

The scissor style ones also make it easier to cut off tiny shavings of nail, whereas with the guillotine I struggled with that. This makes it way less scary for me haha!

I’m working on only the white nails for now:


SO proud of the little stub nail on the left 😀

We also began work on scratchboard training so that once his nails are a good length, he can be the one to maintain them.  As of now I can send Boo to the board and he swipes at it.

After all the play and a bit of training we had a fantastic snuggle time. My little velcro dog loves his snuggles 🙂

Look up the definition of ‘coy’ in the dictionary, and you will see this:


And here are some beautiful white tushy-pegs (teeth!) – not bad for an almost 6 year old dog huh?

Yay Plaque Off 😉


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