Zooplus: “pay for the broken crate!”

I have been ordering from Zooplus since 2009, I *love* Zooplus.

Buuut…they have seriously messed up my last few orders :/

In the most recent order one bunny toy was missing completely, and a second other (one that I was really excited about) came with a snapped part that meant we couldn’t build it at all, and it was totally useless.

The order before that I had bought an XL 42 inch dog crate for £36.99, and the door on the narrow end was broken. You couldn’t lock or unlock one of the bolts, it was just useless – we have tried dozens and dozens of times; my partner managed to lock it once using all his strength, but then we couldn’t unlock it without using most the implements in the toolkit!!

I contacted Zooplus, and they immediately refunded both the rabbit toys, then asked for a photo of the defective crate.

They had to wait a while because it was the day we brought Aubree home, and the broken crate door was pressed right against her cage…I didn’t want to disturb her by pulling the crate out to take photos!

Since then we shuffled our furniture (of course we have :D) so a few days after they asked I sent them a photo AND a video:


So what wonderful refund / replacement did they offer us…?


£12 for a crate that we paid £36.99 for and that, because we now use the narrow side, we essentially can’t use! Luckily the crate is in our living room and, most the time when we actually want to leave Kasper in the crate, we use the one in the kitchen…but this is absolutely disgusting! You can’t charge £24.99 for a crate that is essentially useless if you have it pointing one way!

I sent the following response, because it really ticked me off

Oooookay…so let me get this straight…I paid £36.99 for a dog crate with two doors that could be open and locked; one of the doors doesn’t lock, but I am only being offered a £12 refund? And only IF I manage to fix the item locally – how am I supposed to do that?!

I’m essentially being asked to pay 2/3 of the price, for a seriously faulty item that you delivered…thankfully we can still use the crate as a safe den for our dog, but because we can’t lock the door we can’t leave him alone in there, which is kind of what a crate is for. On top of that there were two other issues with the following order as well!

I’m going to try filing part of the crate lock down today (which I think is where the problem is…) but quite frankly I’m not impressed that I need to do this, and I have no idea if it will work. Way to upset a customer who has being using your site for seven years, recommending you to everyone, and literally just complimented you on your customer service…

 We’ll see what they say, but I am not impressed Zooplus, not impressed at all.

**edited to add**

Zooplus replied and have said they will refund us £17 instead of £12…that £5 makes it all seems much better! I think I’d still expect more for such a damaged item, but I at least feel placated that they have offered us more than they first did. We have now taken the door off the crate (no point leaving a door on when you can’t lock it!) and use it solely as a den area for Kasper and Rey.


**edited 8/3/16**

Zooplus’ Customer Care manager left a comment on the blog and, when we emailed, said they would be happy to drop the £17 refund and instead send us out a replacement crate. This meant we could keep the broken crate AND get a replacement crate for free – awesome! Much, much happier now 🙂


6 thoughts on “Zooplus: “pay for the broken crate!”

    • I don’t think they will give us anything extra, but offering usa £12 refund for something we paid quite a bit for seemed absolutely ridiculous…especially when they messed up another order as well 😀

    • Update – they increased the refund from £12 to £17…although I still don’t think it’s as much as they *should* offer, I am much happier with that and count it as quite a successful outcome 😀

  1. Good Afternoon, I would like to take a look into this, in order to review the steps taken in this case if possible? Could you please send your order number or customer number via email to info@zooplus.co.uk

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards
    Zooplus Customer Care Manager

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