Kong Quests review

The very first thing I bought Raiden, before we even knew for sure we were getting a puppy, was a small Kong Quest…I remember the excitement of picking out the first toy for a potential new pup 🙂

See the small purple bone-shaped Quest next to baby Rey?

We now have four Quests!

The large orange bone, the large green frog to the right of the bone, the small purple bone underneath the frog, and the yellow cow in the centre at the very bottom.

Quests come in a variety of sizes and shapes; the small ones are good for puppies and small-medium breed dogs, the large are good for dogs that chew (still not heavily I’d say), large breed dogs or just if you want to stuff more in them.

The large ones are VERY large, although the small holes mean you can’t stuff them with much food – they’re not big enough to fill with enough food for a meal, for example.


The Quests come in the form of various animals (cow, owl, frog, bear) and other shapes too, such as the bone, wishbone and starpod.

They are rubbery but do bend when you squash them, so I would not say they are suitable for extreme chewers – if your dog will only have access to them when supervised, I would say they would be okay for moderate chewers.

Kasper is a heavy chewer destructo dog extraordinaire, but he focuses on licking the food out until it’s almost all gone then, when he begins to chew at the toy, we swap him for something else.

I would never leave Kasper alone unsupervised with a Quest, whereas Raiden gets them all the time.

Price: about £3-£5 for a small, £8 – £9 for a large

Out of the three designs we have I like the frog Quest the least.


I thought this one looked really cool, as there are slots for treats on both the front and the back…but firstly the treat slots are tiny in proportion to the toy, and secondly the slots connect to each other.

There’s quite a large hole running from several of the holes on the front to the ones on the back. This might not sound like an issue, but it is…anything runny you put in (yoghurt, baby food custard etc) immediately leaks through and comes out the back, which means you have to try and stuff the Quest vertically!!

Inevitably there is some dribbling and some leakage…

The large bone quest however is much better and, if not for the special memory attached to buying the small purple bone, the large bone would definitely be my favourite of them all.

The holes are nice and big, meaning you can fit more good stuff in, and it’s easier for Raiden to get them out – remember, he gets frustrated easily 😉

Because this Quest is huge (and even though Kong says these are only for light / moderate chewers – I can’t remember which) Kasper can have the two big ones to empty occasionally – he even enjoys giving them a brief chew!

The good

~ relatively cheap for Kong toys, especially the small ones

~ come in a variety of different shapes which does actually make quite a difference

~ comes in two sizes, one being small enough for puppies and very small dogs, the other being suitable for dogs of all sizes

~ although it’s not supposed to be suitable for heavy chewers, Kasper has tried both the large ones and failed to do any damage

~ Raiden really likes these because (unlike traditional Kong-type toys) there is little effort emptying them, and his tiny tongue can reach the bottom!

The bad

~ They are a pain in the arse to clean, with some being worse than others (damn you frog!!)

~ some of the designs are a little flawed and filling them can be a pain

~ the larger ones (frog especially) could – and probably should – have much larger holes as there is a lot of wasted space

In conclusion, we rate these toys 3 out of 4 paws 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kong Quests review

  1. Agreed, the frog is a waste of “space”. I don’t have all of them but I really like the owl, and my dog destroyed a few of the circles in the blue circular one.

    • Thanks for this comment! 🙂 I did want to try the circle ones, but since this review we’ve mainly just stuck with the bone-shaped ones – they use the space really well, seem tougher than the others, and are easy to clean. In fact I don’t remember the last time we used the frog one 😀

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