Had our first binky + rabbit training

I haven’t seen much of any of the pets today.

I was up at 5am (yay mania, please **** off now…) but mainly stayed in bed with my partner, reading and on the laptop.

Once he woke up I sat with Aubree a bit, fed the quail, walked the dogs, we met up with my partners’ parents (zoo day and pub lunch of cheese & onion pie = awesome!) but by the end I had a cracking headache 😦

I took some Codeine & Ibuprofen, slept for several hours, and here I am…I still have a niggling, achy low-moderate headache so will take more Codeine in twenty minutes, to try get it to sod off.

This is the first headache / migraine I have had since I became manic and my anxiety drastically decreased with the mania…laaaame! It could be the lack of sleep that caused this I guess…the joys of Bipolar 😦


Aubree did her first binky!

So after days of sprawling on her side (which the bunny hut says means the rabbit is “extremely relaxed and happy”) Aubree did a binky!

For non-rabbit owners, a binky is when a rabbit sprints about and jumps up into the air, often kicking their back legs and flicking their head. It is an expression of pure bliss 🙂

And Aubree binkied!

She was whizzing around her cage (this is why it’s important not to change a blind rabbit’s cage layout hahaha!!); jumping, kicking and oozing happiness. So cute!

I also began ‘clicker’ training her today 🙂

I’ve spent a few days ‘charging the clicker’, whereby you do your marker (eg. clicker, thumbs up etc) and feed a treat, so the animal associates the marker with a treat, and now we moved on to actual training.

I’ve read in a few different places that it’s thought you don’t need to charge the clicker, and for training chickens / quail / certain dogs I don’t actually bother anymore, but I wanted to charge it with Aubree because she is deaf and blind, so it seemed like a good idea.

For us the marker is me blowing in her face.

I have to blow quite hard otherwise she ignores it haha – she has not been fearful of me bowling in her face at all. As soon as I blow in her face she gets a treat, and now when I blow in her face she expects a treat…awesome.

The first thing I am rewarding her for is sniffing me out and initiating contact – she was doing this already, offering it a lot, and it’s a good thing to do so I am rewarding her for it a lot.

She earns the marker by touching me with her head / nose, putting her paws on me, climbing up my shoulder with her front paws etc…all those things earn her a blow and a treat.

This seems a good thing to reinforce as it teaches I don’t always equal food; she isn’t coming up and immediately getting food, she gets food after the blow.

Hopefully this means she won’t just start nibbling my fingers as soon as she finds them!!

After this I might try work on me touching her = blow + treat. We will see. Either way it has been a good day with Aubree 🙂

I pushed her pen walls out and brought in a footstool, so now I can climb in and out without having to unlock and open the pen (thus risking Kasper getting in, or at least exciting the dogs). I also cleared space on the table we have in the pen, and now I have a cool place to sit where I can watch TV, throw kibble to Kasper, watch Aubree and I can see the quail too!

Raiden has been getting slightly more food and slightly more walks, and he is still doing great…*HUGE sigh of relief*

He hasn’t been sick again, he finally did a poop and although it started off a little soft the last 3/4 was firm, he’s still acting normal and is also happier now he’s eating, and he’s just back to normal.

Kasper is fine; a little miffed now that I spend time sat on the table separate from him, but he lies in his crate where he can see me and I toss him kibble every few minutes…he’ll get used to it I’m sure 🙂


3 thoughts on “Had our first binky + rabbit training

    • Thank you so much!! I feel like she is doing really well and honestly seems so happy…she hasn’t ventured into the pen yet but I’m fine with waiting, seeing as she’s already enjoying life so much 😀

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