DIY Pet Toys #2

Another post sharing homemade pet toy ideas for a variety of pets 🙂

1. Natural loofahs as chew toys

These are great as they are really, really cheap!

They are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, degus, chinchillas and possibly other pets I haven’t had experience with, such as ferrets – even our hamster has had one and given it a good chew!

I bought a pack of five natural large loofahs for £4, and each loofah can be cut to your own size – be warned, they are a pain to cut!! You either have to battle through with scissors or break out the heavy artillery and use a saw 😀

You can leave this on the floor of the cage, tie them to the bars, hang them from the cage roof etc.

The chin girls and our guinea pig especially love these, we rate this toy 9/10 only because the loofahs seem to get ignored after a few weeks chewing.

2. Empty plastic bottle as a kibble dispenser

Completely free, and extremely easy 🙂


Suitable for cats, chickens, rabbits and dogs!

To make this all you need to do is remove any plastic packaging from the bottle – this includes the label, lid and plastic ring. Then simply fill with kibble (or treats) and give to your pet 🙂

Although this is called the plastic bottle toy, you can use other plastic containers too, like the packaging from an Easter egg!


And because we have been using this toy for so long (pretty much since Kasper came to us!) here are some pics of the adorable Zoey playing with some a few years back 🙂


You do have to supervise your pets with these at all times, because plastic is very much NOT indestructible – this toy needs removing when they start tearing it up and breaking pieces off.


If your pet is finding emptying the treats difficult or if, like Raiden, they are just very impatient, you can cut small holes all along the bottle’s sides so more treats fall out 🙂

We rate this toy 9/10 only because you do have to keep a careful watch so no pieces get swallowed!

3. Hol-ee dog toy with added treats!

Not technically homemade, but oh well!

Suitable for cats, dogs, chickens and any rabbits / ferrets / rats you think won’t just try chew through the ball!

All you need for this is some sort of toy that has access holes, the more the merrier. Simply get something that can be reached through the holes and that your pet loves, stick it in, and jobs a good’un!

How about trying it with:

  • turkey
  • chicken
  • ham
  • cheese
  • chopped vegetbale chunks (eg. carrot, squash)
  • leafy veggies (eg. kale, cauliflower leaves)

Raiden and Kasper love when I bring this out, and it keeps them busy for aaages – even Kasper!

Raiden will happily try empty this for 30 minutes (it’s the only puzzle feeder that will last him anywhere near this long without losing his attention; even if he gets distracted he will keep going back to it) and Kasper will try empty it by rolling and chewing for a good 15-20 minutes before resorting to trying to destroy it 😉

We rate this toy 9/10, only because there is the chance it will be destroyed, and it is more expensive than a completely DIY toy to replace!




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