Final part of the beautiful walk

We left off where we were just at the highest point of the crag (well actually we finished with the news Raiden had been sick again – happy to report no more vomiting or runny poos!).

By the time we climbed to the highest path you can reasonably take with a dog on lead, there was just one more climb of about 20ft to the very very top! And the reason we didn’t climb that is because it is almost vertical, and you need to climb lots of rocks to get there!

You can see it at 2:20; the rest of the video is made up of clips from the walk, views etc 🙂

The view from that high up was obviously incredible, we felt like the clouds should be way below us!

We were so high up that there was even plenty of flat mountain below us – not only is this a pretty photo, but if you look past the land you will see quite how high up we were 🙂

The ground so high up was pretty much made of rocks, and difficult (but fun!) to navigate:

After reaching pretty much the final summit, we began to slowly inch our way back down. We discovered lots of beautiful woodland, many pretty fields, that were virtually untouched by humans and mustn’t get much human traffic.


And then for the majority of the rest of the way down it was a careful climb through a forest.

When we left the forest we were just a minute’s walk from the bottom of the crag, and we could look over the dry stone walls and see the village below us!

Once we’d carefully made our way down to the road, it was time to follow it down a short hill to the village, walk through, and make our way back to ours’. (I really like how this next photo turned out!)

I think Kasper enjoyed himself…he had this adorable smile on his face, and it wasn’t due to food as he hadn’t wanted any treats the entire way around haha 😉

Kasper sniffed out this cat resting on some farmland as we passed, and I was able to get these photos which turned out to be some of my favourite pics that I’ve ever taken! I’m not sure which I like best, probably the one where the cat is turned away 🙂

And to conclude, here’s the cutest photo of Kasper you will ever see…oh yes, I can safely say he enjoyed his walk 😉



4 thoughts on “Final part of the beautiful walk

    • Haha my dad couldn’t believe how far we walked 🙂 I could have easily gone further, I need to find some more public footpaths and make a bigger route out of it 😀

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