Second part: beautiful hike

Following the last blog we moved past the cows and began the surprisingly short but steep climb to the first ‘top’ of the mountain, the path most people follow back down.

At this point there was another stile, but the farmer had left a gap in the fencing just to the left for dogs to get through! Most the stiles in the area have these 🙂

The climb became very steep indeed after this and, combined with patches of thick mud, it was tricky in places. On the rocky parts I had to use my hands to grip on and climb further, and I was panting like a steam train by the time we got to the top!

It was here we reached the first summit; this is the path that we normally take back down the side of the mountain. The view is stupendous, you can see right out to sea.

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After we had caught our breath and soaked up the view a little, it was time to climb even higher, it felt like we should have been above the clouds!

We were rewarded with another beautiful view 🙂

For a while now we continued forwards, with Kasper thoroughly enjoying himself (well we all were!)…this walk is great though because it combines Kasper’s favourite surroundings: forest, moorland and fields!

After maybe ten minutes walking at the same level, my partner lead us to a path he remembered taking a few times when we lived by the mountain…of course, it took us higher 😀

That’s the end of part two!

In other news Raiden has been sick again (second time in 24 hours) 😦 He did a really watery poo out on his little walk before as well…if it carries on tomorrow, either emergency vet visit or Monday vet visit I guess…



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