Pre-walk blog!

Kasper’s getting another special walk today. Raiden is poorly, so very minimal walks for him 😦

He hadn’t eaten his Kong all day and wasn’t really eating many treats when he came out, but he was acting as hyper as ever around the house. After a couple hours playing we harnessed him up and took him for a walk, and he was fine, but about an hour after he was sick in his crate.

We won’t feed him until this evening (20 hour starve, because he’s small) providing he isn’t sick again and his poos aren’t too runny. He had a small-ish walk this morning and acted bouncy as ever, although his poo was loose.

Grossness over 😉

I semi cleaned out the quail today (their cage was mostly clean; the food platform just needed a scrub, the bowls needed a wipe down and there’s a corner that Quorn loves that was quite pooey!) and rearranged their layout again…it looks so cool, it’s like a child’s play area!

Lower level:

Top level (that green house is big enough for a full size mini lop to fit in!):

There’s food and water on both levels, although Quorn has to get up a ramp to get to any of them now…hopefully this will be the push she needs, but if not I’ll move some down for her 😀

The girls themselves are doing well, Kale has become an expert at following lures and I can get her most anywhere…she is clumsy though and has a tendency to fall backwards off ramps!!

And a video of them mooching about:

Later today we will probably build the ramp to try and help Aubree get out of her cage easier, and then in the evening we might leave her cage open and see if she wants to come out. I’m not sure whether or not I should be in the pen with her though…if I am, she won’t have as much room and it might be scarier, if I aren’t what if she gets used to it being empty and is more freaked out next time?

I think I’ll probably leave her be this time, I can feed her treats if she’s in the pen through the bars, to get her used to me 🙂

Oh! Here she is last night, sprawled on her side!! ❤

I was up most of last night doing a little DIY project 😉

I had this neat idea to draw out special memories me and my partner have, and then stick them slapdash all above where I usually sit in the living room.

We did most of it together, although my partner fell asleep for the most boring part, which was taping each individual photo up. I’m a little worried they might fall down and Kasper will destroy them, but we’ll see…we had to use cloth tape to stick them up because any other would damage the paint on the wall, and it isn’t as strong as other tapes…

It took a good few hours from start to finish (I think I was doing it maybe four hours but I did get distracted lots in between!) but is so worth it – it’s amazing to look up and see all of our memories!

Really hard to get a good photo though XD

Hopefully I will remember to take my camera on Kasper’s big walk, and I’ll have some nice photos to share later!

**edited to add**

I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but we now have a quail egg counter!

If you click on the banner at the top to go to the main bit (where you can search categories etc) you should see the number of eggs the quails have laid this year on the right 😀


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