Bunny news, big Boo walk!

Try saying that repeatedly as fast as you can 😉

We woke up to another sunny but extremely cold day here – it’s 2*C in that sun, brrrr!

As we didn’t have any plans we decided to take Kasper on a big walk, and were out just over 90 minutes. Kasper met another dog, an off lead Collie cross and rocked it.

The other dog did that horrible thing some Collies do from a distance, you know the Collie stare? Nothing against Collies at all but I think it must be very unnerving for dogs walking up to them – the dog hunkered down a little and just stared and stared and stared.

Kasper was amazing though, I couldn’t have been prouder of him!

He walked to the dog SO calmly; his mouth was open in a loose grin, he looked away from the dog often but not because he was nervous at all, and his tail was in a wonderful loose sweeping wag.

As the other dog got closer it began licking its’ lips a lot and offering tons of calming signals. Normally we’d have moved to one side but the dog was off lead on a very narrow path and was walking up to Kasper, so we had no choice.

Kasper is so damn polite these days, oh the pride!

He said a really nice gentle hello, sniffed and wagged for perhaps 15 seconds, and then calmly carried on. I was ecstatic, and he got lots of treats 🙂

After coming off the narrow path we followed a road into the village over and then crossed through it.

click to enlarge any photos!

We then climbed a surprisingly steep and very loooong hilly field

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the top of the field we joined a road, followed it just a little ways, and we were at the mountain we used to live right by!

Quick video. I guess the phone makes things yellow, sorry about that…

We walked through the woods a little while, exited out of a gate, followed the road down and looped back home through a different village and along a very narrow path by a road. It was a wonderful walk, Kasper excelled, and we all had a really good time 🙂

Here are some bonus photos before a quick bunny bit!

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And now Aubree 🙂

She had a really good night last night and spent hours of the night playing. She hopped about, squished into corners, dug at things, knocked her toys about and ate lots of food. She had a real good time!

We swapped her blue box for a log tunnel (it has two entrances) but have otherwise left everything untouched. She has taken carrot fronds and a small carrot from us a few times, she is doing well.

Here’s a video of me entering her pen and moving the blockade to swap some of it about. You will see she doesn’t react to any noise or movement…I’ll try get some better videos soon, when she is more settled:



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