A really nice day :)

Pet free post, skip if you’re here just for the cute fuzzies 😉

Yesterday me and my partner got the train to a lovely seasidey town, it was the first time we had been since I was stuck in the house with Zoey!

It’s a really beautiful little town, and the train tracks actually go over the sea which is incredible, but wow is everything there super posh and expensive – even the charity shops hahaha!!

As soon as you get off the train the views are breathtaking

We meandered up through the town and our first stop was, of course, the pet shop!

I had a budget of £16, which was plenty even in a pricey pet shop, and I got to chat to the owner for a good 20 minutes (she knows us well!!) and look around their animals. Now the animals are kept in small cages, but they are treated very well – handled daily, cleaned out regularly and given stimulation. This is pretty much as good as it gets for a pet shop.

I bought:

~ 1 Large Quest for Raiden
~ 1 wooden spin / chew toy for Aubree
~ 1 much lighter chew / throw toy for Aubs
~ 2 corn treat bars for our guinea pig and Aubree
~ rosy apple small rodent treats (not suitable for the degus or chinchillas)

After the pet shop we had a mooch around some charity shops (I bought a new coat / jacket for £6 and a large square plant pot that the quail could use for £2.50, couldn’t resist!) and then we stumbled across a new sandwich shop.

Omb! These sandwiches were AMAAAZING!

I had a cheese and salad sandwich (cheese, mayo, lettuce, cucumber and sliced gherkin):

It was so huge I had to stop after 3/4 of it 🙂

And my partner got a goats cheese, cranberry & caramelised onion panini which was also sooo good!

After eating we stopped off at a small bakery and bought pudding (millionaire’s shortbread *drool* ) then walked further down to a really posh – but totally worth it! – chocolate shop.

We bought a Belgian hot chocolate with thick whipped cream on top; I got milk and my partner got white hot chocolate 🙂

Walking along the prom, slurping hot chocolate and taking in the breathtaking views in the sunshine, was just perfect 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back at the train station we found it was an hour wait for the next train, but that was okay because we had brought plenty of things to do just in case 😛

My partner chilled out and read:

And I tried my new coat on, read my book for a while, then wandered around being a manic nuisance 😀

So that was our day trip! It was a beautiful, relaxed day out and will be forever remembered as one of our ‘best days ever’ ^__^


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