Bunny moves house

Yeah, I said the next post wouldn’t be about Aubree / pets…seems I lied 😉

Also sorry for posting so much today *blushes*

I was getting all sad and stressed (because I’m a fool) watching Aubree in a smaller, one level cage (because she couldn’t understand the ramp) where she had to watch out for a sizeable gap in the floor. So…

We switched the quail into her cage:

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Yes, they now have a two storey, 200cm mansion XD

And Aubree is now in a 120cm cage, which is also much wider than her old one.

The great thing is that the space is continuous, and there is no hole in the floor!! Virtually all her toys are around the outside of the cage; she has room to move and lots of things to do. Yay 🙂

It took her about ten minutes to build up courage to hop out the small dog crate we had her in for the switch:

You can watch her hop out and explore the cage here 🙂

See how she has to touch everything?

And some pics of a happy little bun 🙂

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Also I emailed the breeder to say Aubs is settling in well but obviously has VERY poor eyesight / is blind. They replied she probably just has a little worse vision than most rabbits and needs to ‘adjust’, because of her red eyes…my first two rabbits had red eyes and they were nothing like this.

I can move things in front of Aubrey and she doesn’t react, I can open and close the curtains, put a blanket over her cage etc and she doesn’t react. She is not normal.

Not sure what to send back…


6 thoughts on “Bunny moves house

    • Thanks! She seems soooo much happier in there, she has been clattering about all night throwing things and having fun 🙂 Really nice to see as in the other cage she didn’t do any of that 🙂

    • Thank you, she really is! It was a huge shock at first, finding out she was blind and then most likely blind *and* deaf…I was really upset and worried we couldn’t give her the life she needed, but she seems to be doing really well and best of all she seems to be happy 😀

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