Blind bunny update

First of all thank you for the lovely comments yesterday, I really appreciated them and they cheered me up greatly 🙂

And second of all, here is the beautiful girl herself:

Aubree seems to be settling in really, really well!

One of the hardest things for me so far is not being able to meddle with the layout of her cage as I want to.

I see little flaws that I hadn’t predicted (both because I always see issues once the pet is in there, but also things that I’d like to adjust because she’s blind) but can’t fix them because I don’t want to confuse her!

To say she’s never lived in a house before she hasn’t startled at any noises, which makes me feel more confident about socialising with her and letting her free-range. She isn’t scared of us (when I open the cage doors she comes to investigate, and she will take food from me) and loves bashing things about in her cage 😀

Here’s a video too – you can see she can obviously smell the food, but has no idea where it is, she can’t see it at all.

We did have a better clip before this, where I was holding out some broccoli and she was searching all around the cage for it, but the stupid camera phone wouldn’t focus during the clip and then the shrill beep of the phone sent her into her box >__<

We’ve lost my camera battery charger during our big clean & now the battery has run out; I feel so lost without a camera haha 😀

I haven’t tried to stroke Aubree yet, (she hasn’t been here a day so far, and I want her to feel completely comfortable) but I think I will be able to soon – isn’t her little chocolate moustache the cutest thing ever??

She hasn’t been down the ramp yet (she knocked the food bowl 1/3 of the way down though!!) but I’m hopeful she will investigate one day.

I’ll finish up with a photo and video of Raiden from a good few weeks ago, making him 7 months old, playing off lead in a field 🙂

Please excuse my annoying voice 😉




5 thoughts on “Blind bunny update

  1. Remember, she doesn’t know she’s blind!!! Her world is filled to the brim with noises and smells and she’ll figure out which sounds and smells mean the most. She probably will go up the ramp at some point. Would it be possible to affix her bowl to the side of the cage so she doesn’t knock it over?

    • Thank you – and that’s what I’m thinking about fixing her bowl in place!! Luckily I bought some bowls for the chins recently (they’re small metal balti bowls but I thought they’d be great pet bowls!) that have handles, so I can easily cable tie one. Perhaps that is the one change I will make to Aubree’s layout 🙂

      Yes, I know she will get used to our voices A LOT haha 🙂 I’m more excited than anything else today to have a blind bun, yesterday I felt so sorry for her & was worried she couldn’t live happily with out set-up, but today I’m very optimistic that we’ll all have a great adventure together 🙂

      Thanks again!

  2. Hey Aubree! So nice to meet you. You are one lucky bunny with a mom that is so worried. You will be just fine, i guess 🙂 Together you will figure it out and become a great team

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