Doggy diet & supplements

Rey + food = bored!

I consider Raiden to be pretty heavily food motivated – he *loves* a good treat. Certain things obviously earn him higher value treats (eg. dog walking on the other side of the road = turkey and blobber full of baby food; asking him to sit in the house = dry dog biscuit), but the problem is that, after less than a week of eating the same treats, he will be bored of them!!

We’ve used corned beef for harness work for over four days? Bored! We’ve used hotdog sausage for distraction work on walks for a week? BORED!

What sort of dog gets bored of hotdog sausage and corned beef?! XD

Remember those ostrich treats? Yeah, he hates them now. Sniffs them and then turns away…and he loved them to begin with! Funnily enough some of the treats he likes the longest (eg. months at a time) are ones you really wouldn’t expect…cat kibble and awful Pedigree treats. It’s bizarre!

Now don’t even get me started on kibble >__<

From the day he came home he wasn’t interested in kibble at all. He goes through phases where he eats it well, and phases where for days he will eat the tiniest amount. It has nothing to do with how many treats he has had or how much exercise he does, he will never eat kibble with relish.


I am switching his diet up!

From now on he will have 1/4 kibble, and the rest will be a mixture of mince (turkey, lamb, white fish etc) and high quality wet dog food. He has gone from this:

To this!

Now we’ve only been doing this one day, but he has eaten two full meals. Of course there is a very large chance he will get bored of this also, but the good thing is it will be SO easy to switch flavours…both with the mince and the wet dog food!

Thumbs up from Raiden 😉

Now as Kasper is a stomach on legs he will be having a 50/50 or 60/40 mincey meat and kibble diet.

Finally I thought I’d talk about the supplements we add to our dogs’ food:

  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • Plaque Off
  • YuMove joint aid pill
  • Salmon oil

Those are the things our pups get every day. Obviously Raiden gets a different amount to Kasper. Sometimes we mix them in Kongs, just add them to kibble (if they aren’t eating from a puzzle feeder) or, as you can see, mixing them with yoghurt is common too!

Raiden is picky with odd things (he’s not a huuuge fan of the salmon oil for example, but the pill goes down fine). Now they both LOVE coconut oil, the Plaque Off has never given them cause for concern, and they enjoy the yoghurt. It’s funny how much they enjoy coconut oil though!

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8 thoughts on “Doggy diet & supplements

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s great to have some ideas for treats 🙂 Charlie is so food motivated and he will eat anything! We give him his kibble from a Kong to try make him eat (inhale) a bit slower. We even use his kibble as a reward too which makes me feel a bit like we’re being tight with him but when he was ill and on his prescription diet we couldn’t give him anything else. I think we are really lucky that he will do anything for a not very exciting reward 😂

    • Haha Charlie sounds exactly like Kasper – it’s GREAT that he’s so food motivated, talk about easy training, and you don’t have to worry about him eating too many treats and not enough kibble…lucky 😉

      We use kibble as rewards for Kasper anywhere and everywhere. If he does something reeeaaally well or has to deal with something difficult we break out the turkey haha, but he does almost anything just for kibble 🙂

    • See this depends partly on the stuff you put in, and even more so on the dog 😛

      If you have a dog that is determined to get every last crumb out (like Kasper) we have found they hardly ever need washing – a quick rinse under the top at most. Even when it’s had yoghurt, PB etc in, we just swill it under the tap.

      Raiden rarely finishes a Kong (he loses patience as the lower half is harder to empty) so if we just had him we’d be emptying and cleaning them a lot. A toothpaste comes in very handy, and soaking them helps…I wouldn’t say they are too bad to clean. I’m also pretty sure you can clean them in a dishwasher, if that was something you were comfortable with.

      • No problem 🙂 If she’s a strong chewer be sure to get the extreme (black) Kong. When we got the normal red one, Kasper was able to break it slightly within a month…the yellow ones have lasted us years, they’re called Sumos. I’m not sure where you’re from but if you’re in the UK Pets At Home sometimes sell them 🙂

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