The Blobber, part 2

I posted a while back about the Blobber, and how I had a silicone travel bottle on the way.

Since then the bottles have arrived, and they are sooo much better than the tiny one I was using! They have a bigger better opening, the cap comes off for ease of cleaning, and they’re bigger so hold more.

Recap: what is the Blobber?

The Blobber is an easy-to-use training tool; basically you fill it with a soft food that your dog loves, and the bottle can be whipped out anywhere anytime for an easy access, super high value training reward! It’s useful for dogs that are fearful, reactive, or are just in training.

In these bottles the hole is much bigger, which means the liquid comes out easier and smoother. Also as the bottle is soft, it’s much easier to squeeze out all the dregs. Oh, and it’s super easy to clean because once you take the cap off the hole’s huge – obviously this is awesome 😉

We have also discovered something REALLY good to fill the Blobber with:


You can buy baby food pretty much anywhere that sells food, it’s not too expensive, you don’t have to mix anything in with it (although you can if you want) and it comes in A LOT of flavours…this is perfect for Raiden as he gets bored of most treats within a few days *rolls eyes*

As you can see when you take the cap off the travel bottle is very easy to fill – simply pour in the runnier baby foods, or add a little water to the thicker ones.

We bought a blackcurrant flavour jar which is a really cool dark purple colour, so I’m going to remake these treats from yesterday and add that on top of the yoghurt…the purple & white should look pretty effective 🙂

Finally…the second egg is here!!

Woohoo, Kale’s a layin’!

(at least I think it’s Kale, based on her behaviour and comb colour)

I need to take a video of Kale too. You won’t believe how brave she has become 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Blobber, part 2

    • I know :O I need to try get a photo of the egg next to the quail, it’s unbelievable! This is why I guess they need a lot of protein and calcium, a LOT of nutrients must go into making eggs that size!!

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