EzyDog Neo dog collar review

Kasper’s new EzyDog collar arrived 🙂

Price: £14.50 for the Large

Kasper usually wears a 16-17 inch collar (note: his neck isn’t actually that huge but, as we never walk him on a collar, we like it to be nice and loose…especially with his mane of neck hair!), however after reading some the reviews that seemed to say the collar ran on the small side, I took a chance and ordered a Large over a Medium.

The reviews are right: the collars run small, as it fits perfectly – it’s not even as loose as we’d normally have it!

The collar itself seems amaaaaazing…totally drool worthy 😛

It looks and feels incredible. Not only are the colours vibrant and truly beautiful, but the inside padding is fantastic – VERY thick and soft, and it goes right up to the edges.

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I couldn’t get the buckle to work (eh), but when my partner tried it he could both clip and unclip it really easily. We literally don’t know why I couldn’t do it, but after half a dozen tries I gave up…I can unclip it once fastened, I just can’t fasten it!

I’ve not read any reviews where other people have had that problem, so…it’s probably just me being an idiot XD

Whilst we were waiting for my partner to appear to fasten the collar for me haha, me and Kasper did some prop work with it. Prepare for the cutest pic ever in 3…



D’awww 🙂

Kasper hasn’t minded wearing the collar at all (but he never does!), and of course we haven’t had it long enough to report on how it holds up in the rain, mud, sea etc. I will update this review in 1+ months to cover that aspect.

The good

~ feels really sturdy and durable, yet the inside is well padded for comfort

~ colours are amazing, it really is beautifully crafted

~ has a separate plastic loop other than the D clip to put tags on, although they seem very close together so may still clink!

~ I don’t think it’s a bad price for this collar – it really is wide, thick, and feels so sturdy

The bad

~ sizes do seem to run a little small – an 18 inch collar fits snugly on Kasper’s 15-16 inch neck

~ significantly more expensive than the basic collars, but again it feels very different to them

~ I can’t fasten the buckle hahaha! I will work on this though 😉

To finish off, we rate the EzyDog Neo collar (in bubblegum!) 4 out of 4 paws!


2 thoughts on “EzyDog Neo dog collar review

  1. Thank you for this review! I’d heard it runs small so I was on the fence about whether I wanted Medium or Large, but my girl’s neck is pretty much equivalent to Kasper’s. Large it is!

    • No problem, I hope it fits! 🙂 It’s a really resilient collar, Kasper wore it through all his adventures and although it got dirty there were no signs of wear! It was always a little baggy, but we don’t walk him on a collar so it never bothered us.

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