Guys, guys it’s here!

The first egg from one of our quail girls has arrived!!

It was the most bizarre thing to see when we got home, I just wandered over, put the lamp on and went to say hi…and there it was!

Also…it is HUGE!

And so amazing – I *love* the colouring!

Interestingly the shell and shape are perfect (not like when Tilly, one of my first chickens, laid her first egg as a soft shelled egg, then stood in it and wore it as a slipper XD ), and I think whoever laid this…well, the other one is also getting ready to lay, because when my hand goes near them they hunker down, as if I was a male wanting to mate!! When chickens do this it means they are ready (or already) laying 🙂

I don’t know if it was Kale who laid it (because she is the well one) or if it was Quorn who laid it, and that’s why she was acting off…?!

Also, I got my new glasses today, and they make me a ninja…!

Awesome start to the weekend, have a good one guys!


8 thoughts on “THE FIRST EGG!

    • Thank you, I was running around the house like a…um…headless chicken (oops) 😉

      We originally wanted to rent an allotment and own some chickens, as they’re all I’ve ever known. It turns out the allotments in our village have a waiting list that spans several years, so I had the sudden idea of getting some quail, and I couldn’t be happier! I wish we had got three or four instead of just two 😀

      Quail lay a surprising amount of eggs, but because they’re so small and the eggs are so big you have to be really careful about too much lighting and giving them enough protein / calcium…they can lay around 300 eggs a year though, but as their lifespan tends to be quite short their best year for laying is the first and most people say it falls significantly after that.

      We have our girls indoors in a 120cm rabbit cage; they love it and have loads of room. Most people cringe when they think of quails being kept indoors (“but don’t they smell?!”) but we heartily recommend them! 🙂

      • I hope you get your chickens some day but these little ones seem an awesome alternative. Thanks for the detailed reply could honestly read about animals all day – so interesting to learn about. I think my partner is putting a ban on more animals until we buy our own house 😦 so maybe in the future we will get some they seem like they have lovely little personalities.

      • Haha my partner says the same thing, “no more pets!”, but he is very easy to persuade otherwise…his obsession is games, mine is pets, and then we both have a heavy interest in each other’s too 😀

        Yeah that’s something I really love about them, their different personalities. I wasn’t sure they would stand out as separate feather babies in the way that chickens do, but these girls are almost total opposites of each other 🙂

    • Hahaha yep, apparently wearing a balaclava + breathing = steamy glasses…maybe I was wearing it very wrong though, I can’t say I’ve ever worn one before 😀

  1. What will you do with the eggs? If they aren’t fertilized can you eat them? Would you even want to? Forgive my naive questions – I’m not familiar with any farm-like animals!!

    • We will eat the eggs 😛

      My partner hasn’t eaten many quail eggs before (less than a dozen in his life, they’re not very easy to come across here) and I’ve never had any, so we’re excited to try them…not sure what we’ll do with them yet though!

      As they’re both girls the eggs are obviously unfertilised. Some people eat fertilised eggs so long as it’s really early (ie. if you collect the eggs daily), but because we’re vegetarians we wouldn’t want to do that.

      Ask away, I’m happy to answer any questions, although I’m obviously no expert 😀

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