Dust baths – chins & quail edition!

Yep, we’ve been pretty heavy on the dust these past few days 🙂

Quail need access to dust for bathing every day – it helps keep them parasite free but, more importantly, it’s an activity that they really REALLY enjoy.

When I lived with my parents and had three hens, the highlight of their day was dust bathing…well okay, the highlight of Milly’s day was me going to sit with her, but for the other two it was the dust! 😉

Chinchillas on the other hand shouldn’t have the dust left in the cage 24/7 – doing so means they might over-use it (which I think can slightly damage skin / fur) but also means they could use it as a potty AND a bathing area…bleh!

We give our chins access to the sand bath twice a week 🙂

Watching any animal dust bathe is hilarious, and chins and quail are no exception – I think the quails are my favourite though!

Hahaha, so much sand 🙂 ❤

And hey look, a sideways Chinchilla!!!

You might think our house is like a beach, but in all honestly the sand barely gets anyway. I think it helps that we use quite high-sided containers, and I’ve changed the chinchilla’s cage so the entire top floor is covered in levels – this helps catch 99% of flung sand!

The quail had clean-out yesterday too.

I’ll add some pics of quail & chins first, and then a video of just the quail.

In the video you can see Quorn looking close to her worst. I then added a different food bowl to the coop (cage, whatever 😛 ) and since then she has eaten a fair bit and looks more herself today…god only knows >__<

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see how tame the feathery girls have gotten in the video.

Kale has always been the shyest, but will happily eat from my hands now. Quorn can be stroked, have her feet wiped etc…admittedly she’s acting a little off in the video, see what I mean about her focusing in one direction?!

(oh, there’s a bit missing sound because I had my Ipod playing in the background and it was crappy copyright *sigh*)

If she has picked up today I’m not sure if it’s thanks to her eating or that we’ve added Apple Cider Vinegar to their water again…another ‘who knows?!’


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