Flooding through the seasons!

We had a really long, hot, dry summer.

This continued into Autumn and then, all of a sudden, November brought with it weeks of continuous rain. Same for December and January, although (thankfully) February has been a little better 😉

In December we obviously had the flooding from Storm Desmond.

You should be able to click the pics to enlarge them

But even before good ol’ Desmond, due to the heavy rain, a nearby road was seriously flooded…the water stretched at least 50ft and was several feet deep in places. This road has flooded half a dozen times this winter.

Then there was the constant heavy rain after Desmond. For over two months the fields nearby continued to be severely waterlogged…they might even still be so, we just haven’t been anywhere up high recently so haven’t had a look.

To give you a clue just how vast the flooding is, those tiny white blocks in the left of the photo are houses!

Lucky there are no houses in those fields…

On top of weather-induced flooding, we have had floods caused by the tide too!

This tiny stream flows backwards when the tide comes in, but is usually about this deep:

Factor in months of heavy rain AND some amazingly high tides however, and you wind up with this!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good job there was a little dry patch of land in this field so the horses could hide from the water!

There’s normally a huge gap between the bridge and the water, not that you can see it clearly from this photo

Quite a difference!

And as for driving along the road…good luck with that 🙂

Road liable to flooding, huh? You think?!

We’ve had a crazy time weather-wise for quite a while. At the moment it’s 1*C outside *shivers under duvet* but I have no doubt in a few months time I’ll be complaining about how hot it is. Our house feels like an oven in even mildly hot weather…I hope this summer isn’t as hot and dry as last years’ 😛


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