What to do when manic ;)

Yup, I’m climbing ever higher!

I seem to be far worse in the morning and evening / night time. During the day you can tell I’m a little off (I talk super fast and bounce about a lot) but if you saw me in the morning or at night you would be worried you were watching the world on fast forward x100 😀

So here’s what I’ve done today:

1) Taken Kasper for a big walk with my partner.

Everybody in the world was being an arsehole, so we had to weave about a lot, but Kasper had an awesome time…the worst was at the end of the walk. There’s a very narrow bridge that pedestrians *have* to walk across – the only other option is walking on the main road.

Well, today there was an elderly woman with her two reactive large dogs stood chatting to a young woman with a baby in a pram AND a young boy of about five, who was running up and down the pavement whilst the mum didn’t pay any attention to him. Not only were they completely blocking the path but if we’d crossed the two dogs would have begun barking at Kasper, and the kid would have run up to him too (he was already stood staring)…so not happening!

2) Took Rey for a shorter & calmer walk – it was sunny today, and seeing as I’m full of energy I wanted to be out walking. But my partner, forever the voice of reason, said we should have a shorter walk…although I want to go out and be busy when manic, doing so usually causes it to get worse. So annoying!

We took Raiden to the nearby field and lounged about with him; did some training, recall practice, played chase, and then walked around the village to practice distraction work. And Raiden got to see his chicken friends 🙂

3) Made a batch of Kongs – stuffed five Kongs (or things similar to Kongs) with various fillings so that we don’t have to make them throughout the day.

4) Thoroughly cleaned out a huge cage that we moved our animals out of, and scrubbed down aaaallllll the toys that were in it! This took a long long time, but it was worth it because I….

5) Moved Effie out of the home-made cage (damn,  six hours  down the drain…) and put her in the biggest cage a Syrian hamster has ever been in!! 😀

(Effie’s Kios with the extension inside on the left, and her new cage on the right!)

She is now in a Thickets cage, which is a horrendously expensive and very badly designed degu and chinchilla cage from Pets At Home.

The access is terrible (seriously, why put the bloody door on the far right?!?), and because the cage is designed to have the mental tray under the mesh floor – which would mean the animals were walking on a wire base – it doesn’t sit well and scratches anything it’s on.

The Thicket is a good size for some small rodents (92cm x 47cm x 60cm), such as two degus, two rats, or a Syrian hamster. There are probably others it would be suitable for (chipmunks?!) but I don’t know enough about them 🙂

The Thickets is a crap cage for animals that are fearful, as you cannot reach most places from the open door. This means scaredy pets can evade hands easily! It’s also extremely difficult to clean – reaching the right side of the cage from the door is actually impossible!!

However for a confident and slow moving Syrian, the cage is perfect 😉

Now the dimensions of the cage are already awesome for a hamster, but with an added loft area it becomes truly amazing! I had so much fun designing this and then watching Effie explore ^__^


The loft area

Organising all the toys and levels was brill…the small wooden level that the log ramp leads up to was originally against the far left side of the cage, but we unscrewed it because you just could not clean it where it was. BAD DESIGN!

Now Syrians are notoriously clumsy, and most will let themselves drop from scary heights. As a result I’ve packed the cage out with levels to break falls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then there are additional levels leading up to the loft too 🙂

Well – what did Effie think of it?

She loves it of course haha 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried to design the cage so that cleaning would be easy, and there were no large things to hoik about or clean on the far left side of the cage. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, especially as we’re not using wood shavings.

Oh! And this was her first ever time using a wheel! It’s a big wheel too 😛

Now there’s just a few dog walks left, and then it’s med time. Bleh.



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