Quail confusion

These girls have me so puzzled.

Kale was acting poorly for around four days. The first day she seemed unwell then improved, the second day I think she was a little worse, and then everyday after that she was looking better.

Today she seems completely back to normal – perfect wing positions, uber active and alert, and holy hockey has she discovered she likes mealworms!! Watch out, this girl will bulldoze anyone out of her way to get to a mealworm ๐Ÿ™‚

But now Quorn is acting ill, same symptoms?!?!?


This leads me to two conclusions:

  1. It’s a contagious illness, and if Kale seems to have gotten over it I hope my Quorny girl will too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  2. It IS something to do with them getting ready to lay an egg, and Quorn is also leading up to laying.

I am very worried about Quorn though. She is the girl I have most fallen in love with, her and her stupidly long beak…and yes, I know you’re not supposed to have favourites, and I love Kale A LOT…but Quorn is very special.

I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and keep an eye on both.

Mood-wise I am feeling very manic, well hypomanic at the moment I guess! I couldn’t sleep last night until past 2am and I woke up sometime beforeย 9am, which is never a good sign…I usually need a lot of sleep. Before I took the sleepy med my sleep routine was very much bed: 10 – 11pm, wake: 8-9am.

Already today I am scatterbrained, speedy, have racing thoughts and I also had a random hallucination of a rabbit in the house within fifteen minutes of waking. A rabbit, huh? Maybe I need a rabbit!

Joking. Although I do like rabbits ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh hey, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We don’t do much, but lookie what I got ^__^

And I made a weird…thing…for my partner. Please remember, I am crap at art ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s supposed to be us surrounded by things he likes and loves. He surprisingly loved it, his face lit up when he saw it โค



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