organising and tidying

I’ve been oddly energised these past few days.

I don’t know if it’s because for five days I was on such strong sedatives (so I feel energetic in comparison to that) or if I could be going manic. If it’s the latter, I don’t know how to feel about that.

I only used to suffer psychosis when I was manic – does that mean it would get worse, if I went manic now??

Eh, we’ll see.

I’ve been sorting and organising the house a lot (it’d gotten into quite a state what with my psychosis / mood getting worse, then the Zoey stress, and then my psychosis getting worse!) so it’s good I’m doing a little tidying, and my partner has been pitching in too. We’re just worried that I might be going manic, because I struggled to get to sleep last night…I did sleep ten hours once I managed it though!

I wish it wasn’t so worrisome trying to work out what’s going on in my head >__<

Anyway, I sorted out new storage for the dog’s toys 🙂


Previously we had three different containers all over the living room holding dog toys. It’s so nice having them all clustered together, but also organised so you can find what you’re looking for.

On top of the stack of toys there’s a Kong making station…we keep all the dog’s supplements in there, wet food, a pot of treats and a bowl of kibble in there.

We have a few bowls of kibble dotted around the living room…they’re handy for emergency situations, eg. if someone turns up at the door unexpectedly and we need something on hand to calm & redirect Kasper!



We even have treats on our Christmas tree bwahahaha!

(yes, we still have our tree up – we had such a crummy Christmas this year we’re celebrating for as long as we want 😛 )

And then to the right of the storage boxes there’s our grooming related things: nail clippers, brushes, muzzles etc.

I almost obsess over things having their own place. My partner on the other hand is the complete opposite – he will pick things up and put them anywhere & everywhere. Lots of things disappear in this house.

I’ve also been doing more of the work with the pets (making Kongs, feeding the small pets, cleaning them out, creating DIY toys for them etc). I haven’t been able to do this for such a long time – combine intense depression with psychosis & anxiety and you’re rendered somewhat useless. I even slacked off a fair bit with taming.

It’s good to feel useful again 🙂


Daily wipe down of the quail platform!

And it’s nice to have energy, although a rush of energy mixed with anxiety & psychosis is…not very nice.

Oh – chinchilla update!

We adopted these two girls early January, and since then both have become much tamer.

Bandoose was always the bravest of the two, but even Chilli will now come up to the doorway when opened, come to the cage bars when called, and always take food from my hands.

We have seen massive progress with Bandoose however. This week was the first time she started coming up for scritches 🙂

The entire time we’ve had them they haven’t chewed the plastic levels at all (they have alternate chews of course – loofas, pummice stones, wood etc), but since they are so good with plastic I’ve added more levels to the cage.

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