Little effort

Sleepy-med-head here, haha.

Something happened today that I have wished for since I was 13…we brought a dark brown Syrian hamster home 🙂

I love most rodents when they are solid brown, but my favourites are dark brown Syrian hamsters / agouti rats. Up until this point I’ve never had any brown rats or hamsters…then today we saw this beautiful Sable girl in a pet shop.

So she had to come home. They had some other beautiful colours alongside the standard golden colouring too; longhaired white with pale grey head, cinnamon, champagne and cream (like Prim!).

Seriously, this Sable girl’s adorable ❤

Her fur is very dark brown, and then underneath it’s much lighter…when you stroke her or when she brushes against something you get a flash of light brown.

I can’t say how cute she is. She is sleek and beautiful and plump!

We have named her Effort, Effie for short…welcome home, our little Effort ^__^

For now she is in our smallest rodent cage (it’s still 80cm long x 50cm wide, so it’s probably huuuge to most hamster’s standards!), as our very elderly Syrian hamster is in the Jenny Rat cage and I don’t want to disrupt him by putting him in the smaller one and Effie in the bigger.

The Jenny cage is around 80cm x  40cm x 80cm high, so it’s quite a bit bigger…but Effie will be happy in here for now, and it’s low enough that I can have my Kong work station on top 😉

I need to pack a few more toys in there, especially come up with a way to add another level. Oh, and a wheel, I guess. I’ll have to buy a flying saucer, and then when she doesn’t like it (my last three Syrian hamsters never used their wheels?!) I’ll get annoyed that I bought it haha.

Bed time now. Going out for the day AND walking Raiden is tiring…



14 thoughts on “Little effort

    • Thanks! I have wanted agouti rats for so long haha, and a solid black rat…the wildlife oasis/zoo near us has a group of about five agouti male rats and they are beautiful 🙂

      I really wanted a pair of breeder rats and have been looking quite a few times over the past year, but rat breeders are impossible to find in this area. Rats are one of the few pets I will only ever get from a breeder, rather than rescues or pet shop rats – I had some pet shop boys when I was about 15 and they had a lot of issues and bit me to the bone more times than I care to remember…

      Last summer I actually filled out a questionnaire and was on the list for an upcoming litter from a breeder, but they’ve had litters since and haven’t been in touch for ages…I don’t want to buy from a breeder that I don’t trust, so I guess rants are out of the question for now. That’s okay, Syrians are pretty adorable 🙂

      • As a child, I once had a pet mouse. 🙂 If I could sneak him with me when going somewhere, I usually did! I had a cheap flannel that would wear outside my nice clothes when playing with him. He enjoyed the chest pocket and always stayed in there so no one never knew. LOL

      • Hahaha so cute 🙂 My first two female mice each came from really bad pet shops, and one came to me pregnant. She gave birth to five wonderful little peepers and because they were handled from a young age they were extra adorable.

        Unfortunately the babies inherited the mum’s terrible genetics (the mice at that pet shop were all allowed to breed with each other) and the two babies I kept both died at a young age due to tumours. Every time I took Patch & Jayden to the vet they would ride there and back in my sleeve, no problems ❤

      • Yeah it was really sad, but it’s thanks to them that I love mice so much. It was horrible watching their mum’s tumour grow and need to be PTS, then a few months later I found Jayden’s lump and just a few weeks after she passed Patch developed one…all were put down to poor genetics and inbreeding 😦

        I spent hours researching and calling different vets to ask if they would try remove the tumours, but nobody would for mice. I couldn’t believe it as some six years earlier we had a tumour removed from a pet rat and he recovered and lived for many extra months.

      • Awwww 😦 I know! My mouse wasn’t feeling well and I could tell the difference, but the vet didn’t see him what he was like at home. She basically said there is nothing that they will do for him because he is just a mouse. 😦 So I had to watch him die. He died in my hands while I was trying to play with him. I never was able to find out why he died…

      • It seems a lot of vets have the “it’s just a mouse” mentality…irks me because they are such intelligent little things (the mice not the vets 😛 ).

        That sounds so sad 😦 Mice are quite susceptible to a lot of illnesses; we have found that, along with their short lifespan, they tend to be more sickly than other small rodents too. It sucks.

        I also hate when you take a pet to a vet, because you *know* they are ill and acting odd, only to be told they are fine and you are essentially wasting the vet’s time…we had that happen last year with our guinea pig; vet said he was fine and he had a massive stroke and died a few days later.

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