Raiden’s Reviews: Zooplus order #1

It’s been a good day for packages today!

First our doormat arrived (how exciting haha!) and it fits our porch exactly…no more frustration with the smaller mats sliding about and mud going everywhere 😛


It continues under the smaller one too!

And our second hand mini fridge arrived. We keep this in our living room and keep all the stuff that we use on dog walks or for Kongs inside…thankfully Kasper doesn’t seem to realise that there’s food in it, and he hasn’t (yet) attempted to break in!

And yep, there’s the blobber from yesterday’s post XD

However the most exciting thing was a medium sized box that arrived from Zooplus:

Look at the excitement!

Most the toys / edibles we bought are for the boys to share but some are only Raiden-friendly, so…

Welcome to part one of Raiden’s reviews!


“I promise to test these products to the best of my ability and will always try tell you the good and the bad about them! Look at my earnest expression!”

And what is he reviewing I hear you ask? A 110cm stuffed snake, with several squeakers 😀


Price: £4.99, how could I resist?

I have to say this was Raiden’s favourite thing from the box, by far. He loved the fact it was so big, and when he shook it and ragged it about, it got caught around his legs! The fact it’s so long meant it’s a very easy tug toy; even if your dog is an enthusiastic tugger there’s only a small chance they will catch your fingers!


I got some *hilarious* photos of Raiden jumping, diving and hurtling himself at the snake. This easily makes Raiden’s top five favourite toys list 🙂

Raiden had a chew on the snake and left no damage, but we already know that he is not a particularly strong chewer or particularly good at destroying toys. It has taken him over three months to destroy some of the cheap stuffies he has had since puppyhood, and he can’t do any damage but shred the label on tougher toys.

The good

~ This is a huge toy & awesome for the price

~ Really useful for those over-eager dogs who lunge for tug toys and may accidentally catch fingers

~ It feels well made; it is soft and well stuffed

~ Multiple squeakers (in the head and tail) for the dog that loves noise!

~ Snakey withstood some good chomping from Raiden without any signs of wear

The bad

~ It is not a tough / durable toy; Kasper would have this shredded in seconds

~ It’s not quite as big as I was expecting. I’m kinda glad of this, because Raiden can easily drag it about, but I did think it was going to be larger (it is 110cm though, I measured it 🙂 )

~ More squeakers means more noise haha, but it depends how much you mind this!

Really good toy for the price though, and we will most likely buy another in our next Zooplus order.

In conclusion, Raiden rates this: 4 out of 4 paws!


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