Huge walk for Kasper :)

Kasper had such an incredible walk today!

We woke up and it was sunny (can you believe it? After all this rain?!) and I suggested that finally we would take Kasper out on a nice big walk. I have a bazillion photos, so I apologise in advance 😉

We walked up through the town centre with Kasper, who rocked it…he waited at traffic lights, ignored the people, and even stayed focused around an annoying Chihuahua that was yapping at him (whilst the dogs’ owner completely ignored it) from across the road.

We joined a dirt track and followed it until we reached a really bizarre field; it’s this beautiful expanse, looks kinda like a moor, but to the right there’s just a gigantic concrete slab covered in smashed glass, metal and all sorts of crap.

We walked to the far end and climbed a hill, which leads us to a footpath surrounded by fields on all sides. You get a beautiful view and a glimpse of the sea from here. Lots of these fields have public footpaths winding through them, so you can pick and choose where you want to walk.

Following the bend you reach a stile – uh oh! We can’t get Kasper over a stile! But what’s this?! There’s a dog tunnel to the left? Oh yeah!


I enjoyed dawdling in the sun, enjoying being out and feeling okay, so I made sure to take any photos I fancied.

I even stopped to take photos of a barbed wire fence (I love taking photos of weird things, like the tire tracks above…I see something and just have to snap it, but it rarely turns out like I want), and had fun when I got back home editing it. Which do you like best? Slightly zinged colour or almost b&w with upped contrast?

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Kasper had a blast diving into the lake, despite the fact it’s early February…I guess it was a warm day, and I’ve seen him swimming surrounded by snow before 🙂

He had a splash about but didn’t swim out too far. After the paddling and the swimming it was time for mad zoomies, rolling like a loon in the grass and shaking water all over me, my camera, and my partner!

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I got some beautiful photos of Kasper sitting with my parter (are you tired of my pics yet?!) My heart swells every time I look at this photo ❤ ❤ ❤

Really, I adore it 🙂

Kasper had such a fun time exploring on his long line, and he really did walk so well, especially to say he was somewhere exciting. Look at this smile and happy prancing!

We mooched about some more, then looped around the top of the lake (the water level is much higher than when we came in Autumn, you used to be able to walk all around the edge of the water!) and followed the same path home.

At one point Kasper was distracted by some birds in the bushes, even though I had just marked him for doing something. He was too distracted to get his treat, and what do you do with a dog that is normally a stomach on legs refusing to eat his treat? Put it on his head of course!!

Before going home we walked through town to the supermarket, and me and Kasper chilled in the car park whilst my partner ran inside and picked up a few essentials. I am always so proud of how calmly Kasper can wait these days 🙂

Lookie, I even got an urban photo..and you thought you were done with the hundreds of pics, more fool you hahaha!


Finally I leave you with a video of Kasper walks.

The first clips are from his walk today…he looks like a goof tearing about after swimming, I say ‘shit’ a lot because he’s tangled and I’m trying to get him through the stile (haha), and he’s generally just a star. Then the rest is the fantastically windy walk from when Storm Jonas battered the UK…listen to those 65mph winds!! Hopefully you can notice Kasper’s flappy ears and flobby lips when you watch it XD



4 thoughts on “Huge walk for Kasper :)

    • Ah thank you 🙂 I hate posting so many photos, I think people must get so bored seeing them, but I love photography and sharing my pics haha!

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