Quail pics & puppy dogs

The girls seem to be settling in well, although they are so quiet and calm!

I’m used to chickens, who constantly squawk and natter and communicate. Chickens who madly dash about, flap their wings and chase each other. Quorn and Kale are very quiet and still; the only time they scatter is when I need to reach into the cage near them, and their talking peeps are so quiet you can easily miss them over the TV.

They’ve explored their cage and Kale even went into the little wooden hut; they seem happy with all their things.


I managed to remove the cardboard box we picked them up in and add a dust bathing area yesterday. I don’t think they’ve ever had a dust bath before; it took them a while to walk in it (which is normal; whenever we topped our hens’ dust bathing area up with new sand they wouldn’t walk on it for a day!) but they haven’t bathed yet.

And yea, it’s just a kitty litter box with chinchilla sand in 🙂


Quorn and Kale’s special quail layers pellets were supposed to arrive today (ordered from Amazon and paid extra for express delivery) and they haven’t. We even contacted the seller…Amazon is repeatedly getting our packages to us late, it’s really annoying.

So instead we walked into town and bought a 4kg bag of hen layers pellets from our local pet shop for £3. I am always amazed how cheap chicken food is, I guess it’s because most people don’t consider them as pets and won’t pay much. They have 16% protein so it’s not so bad. The quail pellets have 20%, I’ll probably mix them together and the girls can have extras for additional protein too.

Yesterday I gave them some yoghurt to try. As with most animals natural yoghurt is very beneficial to chickens and is one of the easiest home remedies you can give them when they are ill; I assume it is the same for quail.

I scattered some of the seeds on top of the yoghurt and, although initially wary, the girls quickly gobbled it up. They also tried some puffed brown rice and even a cocopop or two!

Kasper rocked whilst I was eating my breakfast today.

Usually he does okay with food. It used to be an issue when we ate, in that he would get too close and almost demand food. Now when he tries that we can tell him to back up, lay down, go to his bed etc and he will, but randomly at times he can still be a pain.

Then you get the odd day where you can eat and he will just sit and watch calmly (no intensity) and he can rest right by your food and you just know he won’t even look at it. Of course he gets lots of goodies to affirm that this is how he should behave 😉

Raiden has also been a star. We have had some real sweet moments today ❤

Remember the gigantic present he got for Christmas? He’s emptied it of stuffing, and today I tossed it high up into the air and he jumped to catch it…Raiden’s head disappeared entirely into the hole and he was running around, his head and face entirely covered, wagging his tail like crazy and doing play bows!

We had lots of belly rubs. When I find a good spot he even stops chewing on the toy in his mouth and just kind of lays there adoringly ^__^


Even though we have gotten rid of the larger crates in our living room, Raiden still frequently uses the 24 inch crate that we bought for him when he was a baby. He prefers it without a bed (didn’t like the unevenness of the bed) and since taking it out goes in there all the time.

It’s adorable!

I also managed to get some close-up photos of his front nails too. We haven’t done scratch board work in almost a week and I don’t have any before photos, but believe me when I say his nails were like talons! Incredibly sharp and long. Now they are short, rounded and dull. Click to enlarge, hopefully you can see they’re looking pretty damn good 🙂

It’s so hard to get decent nail shots…

That’s from less than a dozen scratch board sessions, each lasting less than 30 seconds. So cool!



4 thoughts on “Quail pics & puppy dogs

    • Thanks 😀 Haha I just topped our three gerbil boys dust bath up today too! Kenny, our black gerbil, is starting to look old now…he’s a little slower than the others, but they all seem very healthy and happy. I always get so sad when we can see our little guys getting older 😦

    • Most people make them out of wooden boards and put effort into them…I literally dragged out my old laptop table, folded it in half, and taped a sheet of sandpaper to it hahahahaha XD

      It’s worked really well though, and the boys picked the ‘game’ up in minutes – we highly recommend it, it’s much nicer having the dogs shorten their own nails than fret over clipping!

      I need to make a bigger / sturdier board for Kasper though, but seeing as you’re a similar(ish?) size to Rey you could probably use a smaller one too 🙂

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