Zero DC Short harness review

Yes, you read that right 😉

Remember we got something in the post, which Kasper was very interested in?!


He had a right to be, because it was for him!

I wasn’t supposed to be buying it for several months, as we have been VERY low on money, but all the sites I had bookmarked were running out of the size and colours we wanted / needed…and because my partner is a huge softieloves me to bits, um wanted to cheer me up, we cancelled a few things & didn’t buy a few treats that we were planning (for us, not the dogs…god forbid the dogs go without treats 😉 ), and were able to order the harness!


Price: £35-£45; we paid £39 including postage

I was stuck between ordering this harness in the lighter blue or orange with a black outline…eventually it was decided for us when all the places we found the harness cheapest only had one colour!

As soon as the turquoise harness arrived I fell in love with the colour; it is lighter and brighter than it appears in the photos.

The harness fits similarly to the Ruffwear Front Range, but the neck hole isn’t adjustable – I actually prefer this as I could never get the Ruffwear neck area to fit properly, whereas this one fits like a dream 🙂


The harness was easy to adjust and I think because it’s also a sporting / pull harness, they expect larger dogs to wear it. As a result Kasper wears the Medium on the very smallest setting (it fits well, but he better not lose any weight!!) and the sizing goes right up to XXXL, which would fit Newfoundlands, Mastiffs etc.

Raiden on the other hand would be an XS 😛

Although we have only had this harness for less than a week, I am initially highly impressed with it. I really rate it. Not only does it look incredible, but it feels well made and has some nifty features.

One thing I like (probably far more than I should 😀 ) is that under the D clip you attach the lead to, there’s a little blob of harness to protect the dog’s back from the lead hitting or rubbing them. I *love* this!


Kasper has no problem wearing, walking or sleeping in the harness. It fits like a glove and something about this harness stops it slipping around so much when he walks…it doesn’t shift side to side anywhere near as much as the Ruffwear, and the straps around his sides look snug and comfortable.

The harness feels very light (I never realised how clunky the Ruffwear was in comparison) and the material dries incredibly quickly. This is really good news, as not only does Kasper love to splash in puddles and swim in the sea, but we have had a very wet winter!


The harness arrived just before Storm Jonas hit the UK, so it has already battled through some pretty intense weather! Even so when we go to walk Kasper in the evening, it is dry after a wet morning walk. This didn’t happen with the Ruffwear or fleece harnesses we have tried.


We were fighting 60+mph winds here!

The good

~ as it is a sporting harness it is specially designed so that when a dog pulls they won’t damage their throat / shoulders / anywhere else

~ It comes in an awesome range of colours and the turquoise really is beautiful

~ It’s easy to fit, and I for one prefer harnesses with a neck opening that doesn’t need meddling with

~ The sizing information provides measurements for the dog’s girth, neck and the length down the back so you can work out which size your pup needs

~ The harness seems comfortable; we have had no problem with it rubbing, and indeed it really doesn’t seem to shift much on walks

~ The harness is nicely padded (no nasty bits to rub, which I was worried about with the other harness I was looking into for Kasper) and it dries so quickly. I’m also certain it will be easy to clean.


The bad

~ Kinda pricey, certainly more expensive than the Ruffwear Front Range…but then again I’ve had two of them break in less than two months! If I have to pay a little extra for a good harness that will last I will happily do so 🙂

~ Kinda hard to source, especially if you want a particular colour and also want to get it as cheap as possible

~ No front D clip to attach the lead to. For us this is no problem at all, as we never used them on the Ruffwear, but I thought I’d throw this out there for any readers who are interested.


I told you we put this harness through it’s paces, look at the wet mutt dog! 😀

Also, I just have to post this photo of Kasper again, because I love it…I had crouched down beside the water to get photos of the choppy waves, and he came and waited beside me, enjoying the gale and the sniffs 🙂


So far we would rate this harness 4 out of 4 paws; if anything changes I will edit this review.


9 thoughts on “Zero DC Short harness review

  1. This is great! I’m looking for a good harness for my Bella. We have one for her (honestly we need a new one because she gained weight) but I have problems with it slipping around, even when fitted properly. I may have to see if I can find one, looks comfy too!

    • I did like the Ruffwear we had, but every orange one (I can’t remember if it’s two or three now) we’ve had has broken within months, and that really put me off when the harnesses cost around £35 each!

      The Zero DC harness seems really comfy and it is nicely padded…after Zoey I always worry about harnesses rubbing because almost every harness rubbed her, but I highly doubt this one would cause an issue with even a short haired dog that pulled…although obviously I can’t test that 😛

  2. Thanks for the review! We’re always looking for new harnesses for Banjo. She’s uber strong and we’ve noticed that if we continue to rotate her harness (front-attaching, face harness, standard back, etc.), the change causes her to pull less as she re-adjusts to the different control.
    I recently got the Ruffwear Front Range for her, but if it doesn’t work out in the long run, I may consider this one, even if the price is a wee bit steeper. Thanks!

    • Thanks 🙂 I really liked the Ruffwear, I thought it looked good and it felt sturdy, but then all the orange ones we tried broke – no problems with the blue ones though!

      I do think in comparison I still like the Zero DC Short better (mainly as it doesn’t slip as much, it’s extremely light and dries uber fast) but we were happy enough with the (blue) Ruffwear.

      Do you use the front clip on the Ruffwear with Banjo? Do you find it works? We tried to use it with Zoey once (she’s so strong and she had injured her leg at the time and we wanted to dissuade pulling) and it really didn’t work…the harness twisted entirely to the side, forcing her to walk sideways, and she still pulled haha…I’m not sure if it’s because her head is so big though, meaning the head hole was larger than it would be for most dogs 🙂

      • We have the blue, so that’s a relief!
        No, we just use the back clip on the Ruffwear. We have a Gentle Leader body harness that clips in the front to dissuade her pulling and another face harness to completely halt her pulling. The Ruffwear I think we’re going to use mostly for off-road walks/hikes where the pulling won’t be an issue so much. But when we want more control, we switch to the specialty harnesses because Banjo is super strong too!

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