Princesses, storms & treats!

I’m back 🙂

Firstly both me and my partner would like to say such a huge thank you to everybody who left such heartfelt comments on the blog these past few days. You are awesome and we are so lucky to have you as friends.

I know my partner was incredibly moved by them; he doesn’t have anyone he can talk to or get support from, so it was really good for him.

Now let’s get back to the pups!

Scratch board work

We had our fifth scratch board session with Raiden today. I’d like to say that his nails are completely different to how they started. They have gone from sharp talons that touched the floor to dull nails that don’t even touch the floor when he walks / stands anymore!!


Here’s a (really) short video of our fourth scratch board session…you can see he’s scratching the board repeatedly now, instead of one swipe then treat 🙂

I’ve also been teaching Kasper to file his own nails (I have had issues clipping his nails for years) and he learned it *really* quickly!

Now normally Kasper is a little slow at picking up new / unusual tricks. Don’t get me wrong he’s super intelligent and he can be taught new behaviours in minutes, but Raiden & Zoey have both being trained since they were very young, and as a result they are awesome at learning and offering new behaviours. Kasper doesn’t; he sits and waits for instructions, and you have to think outside the box to get him to do what you want.

But he totally got the scratch board! The one issue we hit was that he’s VERY eager, and his paws are huge, so we need a bigger and sturdier scratch board 😀

It’d be awesome if we could find a way to get his nails down though ^__^

In other news, the princess tent is back!


Kasper and Zoey loved the princess tent, but we had to take it down because A) it’s surprisingly huge! When we swapped Zoey’s crate for a large pen, there was no room for the tent! B) Zoey used it as a hiding place when she knew it was time to put her harness on 😉

It was Raiden’s first time even seeing the tent and, as he’s in a fear period, I expected some anxiety, possibly some barking and fear. Nope, he thought it was great!!


We finished off the doggy hamper my parents gave us for Christmas today. There were these little heart shaped treats and omb it’s so funny, Raiden’s so tiny it takes him 2+ minutes to eat one treat!


Haha 🙂


And we had a breakfast bar from Lily’s kitchen; I really like this company and I think the snack bars are such a cool idea! My parents bought us a few varieties and Kasper, Raiden and Zoey certainly really enjoyed them ❤


“Give me pleeaaase!”


We also filled our treat tin up seeing as we have a little bit of money, too. These were supposed to be more long lasting treats (for Raiden at least) – yet he finished an entire sausage and a dental stick in less than a minute! What the heck? How does one treat take two minutes but a hard dental stick is gone in one?!


Storm Jonas

I found out from my dad last night that the UK had been hit by another storm, Storm Jonas! So that’s why we had torrential rain, 60mph winds and flood warnings again…


I need something to cover the bit between the raincoat and my wellies…

The wind was unreal today. I took some footage on Kasper’s walk, so I will try post that in the next few days 🙂


Thanks again everyone for taking an interest in this blog and us, it really means a lot.



10 thoughts on “Princesses, storms & treats!

    • Thanks! The princess tent is awesome, I’m so glad we bought it! Me and my partner snuggle up in there sometimes haha if the pups have taken all the room on the chair…because it’s enclosed it soon gets nice and toasty and our house is freezing haha! Thank you 🙂

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