7 month old sunshine!

Raiden turned 7 months old yesterday 🙂

On the 25th we will have had him for five months – such a weird thought.

He’s gone from this:

To this!

The weather was gloriously sunny yet icy cold yesterday, so we had a nice big walk and soaked up the rays (not Reys 😉 ).

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Raiden knew it was a special day (haha) and was on his best behaviour.

He did his most amazing recall yet!

He was off lead and noticed some dogs playing across the other side of the river (I say river, varies from a stream to a river dependent on the tide) and he ran over to watch them.

Now when this happened a few days ago there was just one dog running about and he got so excited he began yapping at them, although he still came instantly when we called for him. Today he stood and just watched them quietly.

This time there were three dogs playing with each other, tearing about, and he came when we shouted for him immediately 🙂

We gave him mad praise, lots of treats, and then he got to go watch them again. We repeated this, and off he went for a second time. The third recall (and I’m so annoyed I stopped filming for this one) he actually ran down the cliff and stood right at the edge of the water, as close to the dogs as he could get. When we called for him HE CAME RIGHT AWAY!!!

Recall bit is at 2.55

Happy 7 month day Raiden, you hairy vocal goofball ❤


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