Sharing: how to use an electric collar

A blog I recently began following posted this (click the red text to read):

How to Properly Use an Electric Collar* on your Dog

It is such an incredible post I would like to share it.

We don’t see many people using shock collars in the UK, and I’ve never seen anyone use a prong collar…we mostly get choke chains, but thankfully even those are becoming rarer. We do have the anti-bark / citronella collars though.

I am however utterly sick of all the videos, articles and blogs I see about not only using them but recommending them. Even a forum I was a member of for several years, that is supposed to be strictly positive reinforcement only, recently seems to allow members to say that shock collars are useful and needed in certain situations.

The stupid thing is how many people argue that shock collars don’t hurt or scare the dog – if that were true then why would they work?!

I will openly admit that when I am extremely frustrated I might slip up and shout at my dogs “Ah ah, Kasper no!” etc…it happens far less than it used to (in fact I don’t think Rey has been yelled at other than for training, to desensitise him to others who might shout), but I still hate myself for it. I would never use an electric collar on my dogs, not just for the behavioural & trust issues, but because how could I willingly cause my dog pain? :/



6 thoughts on “Sharing: how to use an electric collar

  1. I’ll never understand how people bring vulnerable creatures into their homes only to hurt them. Just like some people should never be parents some people should never have pets.

    • Completely agree. The thing I don’t understand is that it’s not just bad / uncaring people that use training tools like that…sure some of them aren’t very nice people, especially the trainers who dish them out to clients, but regular owners who come to use them often don’t know any better, want a quick fix, or really don’t seem to realise that they are hurting their dog.

      Our family members have an 11 year old Lab cross that they have walked on a choke chain for 5+ years. The choke chain was to stop the dog pulling – he still pulls, yet they still use it!

      They aren’t the best dog owners (they know nothing about dog training / behaviour) but they would never willingly hurt their dog…yet they walk him on a choke chain. The dog can’t breathe because he pulls against it so hard, on EVERY walk!

      Incidentally the dog is very aggressive to other dogs, neurotic about his ball, resource guards from both people & dogs and is just a very unhappy dog.

    • I really can’t understand it. How can shock collars have been banned in Wales for over 5 years now, but nowhere else can get on board?!

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