Puppy sees his first snow :)

Yesterday the amazing happened – it snowed!


It started with thick frost and lots of ice

I spent all my life up until I was 18 living with my parents in Yorkshire. It snows a lot there. We would get 5+ heavy bouts of snow every winter; sometimes it would be several feet that turned to ice and made the pavements treacherous for weeks.

Every winter there were half a dozen chances to sledge, hike through snow, build snowmen, have snowball fights etc. Every time a flake of snow fell there was a buzz of excitement because who knew if you’d wake up the next day and school would be closed?!

I think this is from 2010

In the three years we have lived here, it has snowed enough to settle on the ground just twice…kinda different from my childhood! Snow is even more exciting to me now, so I apologise for all the photos πŸ˜›

The first winter here it didn’t settle, only a few flakes fell. Last year I think it snowed a few times, but only settled once. It just so happened to be when we were at a petting farm in the middle of nowhere; the steep windy roads were covered in minutes and driving back was a nightmare!!

This past week it has gotten extremely cold here. I’m talking -3*C cold…so cold we have had to use our heating for the first time this winter haha.

About thirty minutes after we got Raiden home, warmed up, and settled in his crate with a Kong my partner yelled through “IT’S SNOWING!!!”

I rushed to the window, my partner ran through from the kitchen, and we just stood together and watched the snowΒ drift down, big fat lazy flakes! We’re both huge lovers of snow and appreciate it even when it doesn’t settle – and neither of us thought it would.

Over the next five hours it continued snowing heavily, and the snow was settling and building up on pavements, trees etc. Eventually I got so excited to get Raiden out into the snow (his first ever experience of snow!) that we woke him up, grabbed our hats, and headed out πŸ™‚

Raiden’s reaction was adorable. He wasn’t scared or unsure, but there was a lot of ‘wth is this?!’ sniffing.

He skittered about in it, padded through it, dug in it and bounced in it. He didn’t lift his paws or walk funny, and he wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Zoey is so miserable in snow I was worried Raiden might not like it too.


“Guys this is great – it’s on my nose!”

After about ten minutes walking in the snow Raiden was totally used to it – how can a 6 month old puppy become so comfortable so quickly with something he has never seen before?! Crazy!

He was even offering sits, walking at my side whilst making eye contact etc πŸ˜€

We looped around the village, walking past the chickens to see if they were still up and ‘enjoying’the snow, then took Raiden home and warmed up again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a video of Raiden’s first experiences with ice and snow…he did really, really well bless him. Not only was he confident and happy with both, but he was instinctively cautious on the ice too!

We spent the next hour at home, periodically checking on the snow, but then decided to go out for a walk into town…we don’t get snow very often so we have to make the most of it πŸ™‚

Kasper had a very brief toilet walk in the snow (the snow had settled on top of ice, and Kasper is strong on lead at the start of the walk = not worth the risk, I already dislocated my knee on ice a few years back!) and then we headed out. This walk will forever be such a happy, special memory.

Not only had the snow thickened quite a bit, meaning the pavements and even main roads were coated, but there were still these gigantic sleepy flakes falling from the sky. It was just so beautiful.

There were teenagers mooching about throwing snowballs, kids sledging on pavements, and families walking through town having snowball fights…and me skipping along giddy as a kipper ^__^

We ended up with about an inch of snow, which is more than my parents got in Yorkshire!

Kasper was sick at 5am this morning (damn wormer…) and the only way to stop him from eating his sick is to say “let’s go walkies”. He had a whale of a time dragging me down the street, sliding in all directions and still half asleep!!

He calmed down pretty quickly though and ended up doing really well. Not only does he stop at curbs but I was also able to tell him to wait, edge past the ice at the side of the road, then release him when I was stood on safe ground! We spent most the walk with Kasper walking on the pavement and me at the other end of the 5ft lead walking on the road.

It’s melted a little today but there’s still way over a cm on most the pavements, and it’s turning to ice. I always said the best thing about this area was that when it snowed, it melted before freezing over…damn!


2 thoughts on “Puppy sees his first snow :)

    • The amount of snow we got was completely unexpected but very much appreciated πŸ˜€

      Raiden got to go off lead in the snow yesterday, as it was still about, and danced around barking at a snowman…took a good 20 seconds and lots of encouragement for him to go investigate the monstrosity XD

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