Nightmare Lab #3

Yep, we saw our third horrible Labrador in a month today.

This time it was with Kasper, so now he has had a crummy experience with a Lab too…you can read Zoey’s ordeal here, and Raiden’s here. And here’s yet another crappy Labrador encounter from last September too!

Today we were walking through our village when an overweight female black Lab sprinted out of a garden (no gate, fencing no higher than 1ft) and proceeded to harass Kasper. I was a little behind, on the other side of the road as I’d just been to a poo bin.

Kasper said hello wonderfully, but his body language was asking the dog for room. Kasper was on a short lead because we were right by a road. The Lab wasn’t listening to him at all.

This is the thing I am starting to hate about Labs.

After a hello where Kasper was polite & the Lab was bouncy-in-your-face-obnoxious, Kasper decided he was done & wanted to continue with his walk. Just as with Zoey, this Lab would not let Kasp leave.

The dog stuck to Kasper like velcro and was pawing him, nosing him etc. I was rushing across the road to try get the dog away from Kasper, but as ever the Lab was so in our dog’s face I couldn’t body block it.

Kasper ended up telling the dog to back the fuck off (snarling – good boy); when the dog moved away I jumped in & stood in front of her. Even though Kasper had clearly just told this Lab he did not want to play, she was still trying to get past me to him. Why?!

Then, as my partner put some distance between the Lab and them, she started jumping up and trying to get in my treat bag. Ughhh…

The Lab’s owner appeared from the garden at this point, about 10ft away, & she actually apologised – she is the only Lab owner that has apologised for their dog’s behaviour!

I said “I’m just keeping her away from our dog,” because I thought the owner might think it odd that I was stood in the Lab’s way and using my legs / body as a barrier. The owner proceeded to call her dog furiously, but the Lab didn’t pay any notice.

When the owner came to grab her, the dog obviously knew what was coming and ran past the woman towards the busy main road. The owner began screaming all sorts, managed to grab the dog, & began slapping her. Hard.

Normally I might feel compelled to say something to an owner who was physically assaulting their dog, but I just wanted out of there.

I was also incredibly pissed off with how the Lab had behaved towards Kasper…I *hate* people who hit their dogs, and I know this was the owner’s fault not the dog’s, but I was just done.

It doesn’t take much to stress me out these days, my Bipolar is making sure of that, and I couldn’t have coped with an argument.

Points I wish Lab owners understood:

1) Your dog is a Labrador, a breed that is touted as always being ‘loving’, ‘gentle’ and ‘the best’ family dog.

This DOES NOT mean your dog will never be aggressive or a bully. Nor does it mean they can be walked off lead with no training, and they should not be allowed to run up to any and all dogs. That isn’t fair.

2) Labs are BIG dogs, they weigh around 26 – 36kg (probably more as most are obese here) – it is not okay for a dog this size to jump up at people!! Seriously, if your dog regularly jumps at people on walks for any reason, keep the damn dog on lead

3) Don’t get pissed off with me because I am wearing a bag with treats in it – I need to be able to reward my dogs for good behaviour. Just because your dog is a stomach on legs and will follow me home if I even smell slightly of food, that is not my problem

4) Almost all the Labs I’ve met have been obnoxious players / greeters.

It is not polite for dogs to approach other dogs head on, stick their face immediately into the other dogs, paw at them, jump on them, stand in front of them so they can’t move, and not respect the other dog’s personal space. If your Lab behaves like this you need to work on some kick ass recall, practice calm behaviour around unknown dogs, & leave a longline trailing as they interact

Often I hate the friendly dogs more than the aggressive ones. At least most people understand that their aggressive dogs should be on lead…


5 thoughts on “Nightmare Lab #3

  1. I can really understand where you’re coming from here and experience it all the time too. Have you ever tried firmly telling the dog no? Personally I’ve had mixed results but it’s possibly something to try if it won’t freak Kasper and Rey out

    • Ugh it’s so annoying! Do you wind up with more problematic Labs over other breeds too?

      I think I’m going to start trying a ‘No!’ if we have Rey with us…paired up with ‘aggressive’ body language it might help deter a dog. Kasper used to flinch at any off-happy voice though so I couldn’t use it around him…sensitive goofball that he is 😛

      I read that throwing treats can help stop approaching off lead dogs, but I feel like that’s such a bad idea when the dog you’re dealing with is already so bloody obsessed with food!!

      People open umbrellas at approaching dogs too, but it’s not exactly ideal…having to carry a brolly, then you need the hands to open it, you have to desensitise your dog to it etc and it still doesn’t help if the dog appears quickly. We don’t even walk with umbrellas in torrential rain 😀

      • Surprisingly no but I think that’s more to do with the amount that I see. I only tend to see two – one is really good and the other is the puppy of an acquaintance who is an absolute terror (about 8 months, obese, no manners or self control) I want to say it’s age but a lot of it is training. Mostly around here it’s anything remotely Jack Russel because there’s just so many of them and people see small = easy.
        I’d possibly try it with Rey, although from experience it won’t work with them all which is disappointing. Personally, I’m loathe to try the treat thing because a) I’d be so pissed if someone did it to Laufey, b) with a food orientated dog of your own I suspect it could end up making it worse and c) I suspect it could actually make the dog more likely to repeat the behaviour and knowing my luck I would have a dog making a bee line for me every time it saw me.
        I’ve heard of the brolly thing but it sounds very impractical. Laufey has a 2m training lead that I’ve desensitised him to having swing around his head but I’d only start winging that around at an aggressive dog. I tried walking with an umbrella once but once we got to the park he decided it was obviously a new toy and was waiting for me to throw it 😐 foolish animal

      • We see quite a few Jack Russells that are vocal (running barking and growling in our dog’s face) / snappy and are off lead, and have been told by several owners “you know what Terriers are like” as if that excuses it all…shut up and get your dog away from us XD

        Yeah, see Kasper resource guards so chucking treats onto the ground to try distract a greedy Lab not only feels like it won’t help but also feels seriously unfair on my dog, and could push him to guarding.

        We don’t tend to see dogs more than once, which I think is probably worse because we have no idea which dogs are aggressive, which have no recall, which are rude players etc. There are three dogs we see if we’re out around 6am, and we know the JRT is reactive so we give them a wide berth when we pass them.

        All the Labs we have seen were fully grown, and most behaved like adults…their play was rude but not in a puppy ‘I just can’t contain my excitement and haven’t learnt better yet’ way, and they didn’t run like puppies – one even had a grey muzzle!

      • I see a mix of friendly and not but none of them have played well with us.
        Yeah, a food guarder would definitely worry me if I were to throw food. It would possibly be easier with your dog being the guarder as opposed to charging dog but there’s still a lot to go wrong :/
        We see a lot of the same dogs, especially on our morning walk as it’s all the people who regularly walk at the same time. When we go elsewhere we don’t tend to see the same people.
        Some labs do go grey surprisingly early but I get your point. To look at this puppy from the size of him you’d say he was 3/4 and it’s only his face that you can tell

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