The wrong sort of dog :P

Another jam packed walk for Raiden today!

Lots and lots of distractions…people carrying shopping, on crutches, cycling, walking dogs, roadworks, forest clearing, big lorries going past, people gardening…phew!

We were going to take him to the beach, but there was an old guy with a really vocal Toy Poodle stood chatting to a cyclist, blocking the path, so we turned and went to the same fields as yesterday.

In the fields Raiden was pootling off lead doing his own thing when a big chocolate Labrador zoomed at us. I saw the dog before Raiden so had literally a second to figure out what to do – call Rey and scoop him up before the dog got to us (no time to get him on the longline), or let him go play with the dog?

The Lab was big but grey around the muzzle; it was bouncy and energetic but not a crazy young dog. The body language was fairly loose and it was running over to us happily. I didn’t feel it would be fair to pick Rey up, so I told my partner there was a ‘big dog incoming’ and let Raiden go say hi.

The Lab wasn’t interested in playing, and ignored Rey as he danced circles around the dog and tried to initiate play. I called Raiden in my most exciting voice, but unfortunately the Lab came too 😛

My partner scooped Raiden onto his lap and got hold of him and I started shoveling treats into his mouth- meanwhile the Lab had pushed open my treat bag with his nose and was also eating my treats!!

We both stood up, to get my treat bag out of the Lab’s way, and try calm Rey & get him to focus on us. This was when the Lab started to really annoy me.

I *know* Lab’s are food motivated, I get that…but I did not appreciate this huge dog jumping up at me, clawing at my front, almost knocking me over and trying to clear out my treat bag…especially not when I am trying to reward my puppy and keep my dog calm. Seriously, fuck off.

The Lab’s owner also had a yellow Lab on lead, which was another reason I didn’t want to leave Raiden on the ground – is her other dog aggressive? I doubt she had the yellow Lab on lead for lack of recall if the chocolate Lab was anything to go by…

We started walking away from the chocolate Lab, and in the opposite direction that the dog’s owner was walking the yellow Lab. The dog followed us. I was shoveling treats into Raiden’s mouth as fast as I could, and to say there was a large dog running in circles around us and constantly jumping at me, Rey remained calmer than I expected him to.

Eventually the chocolate Lab’s owner came to us. She grabbed her dog’s collar and began yelling at the dog. Raiden turned into a writhing ball of ‘omb wth is going on?!’ but with the treats he was still doing pretty good.

We moved off.

We’d been walking for several minutes and were about to put Raiden down when I looked behind me and saw the chocolate Lab sprinting at us AGAIN – ffs! The dog wasn’t as jumpy this time, but it was constantly standing in front of me and wagging, hoping for a treat.

I continued to happy-talk Raiden and treat-treat-treat, and me and my partner just kept walking away from the Lab’s owner and stepping around the dog – surely it would go away soon?!

By this point we were at least 60ft from the Lab’s owner and in a completely separate field to them. The dog was still with us, still getting under my feet and half jumping for my treat bag. I was covered in mud from *her* dog and she wasn’t doing anything to get it back.

When the dog’s owner was completely out of sight, we realised the dog wasn’t going to leave us alone and there wasn’t much we could do…so we just stood still and focused all our attention on Raiden.

Eventually the dog’s owner came and said “I’ll have to get him otherwise he’ll just keep following you”…NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Keep your damn dog on lead!

She didn’t apologise and she actually seemed kinda annoyed with us, although that could easily have been irritation for her dog / embarrassment. She grabbed her dog whilst yelling at him, and said “you’re going on lead, that’s what you get”. Thank god for that!

Also ughhhh, stop yelling around my puppy that’s already totally over-excited…

Once the Labs had finally buggered off we put Raiden back on the ground off lead and rewarded him for every little thing that he did. We got the squeaky toy out and had some fun playing with it, then looped back home.

The way back wasn’t quite as frantic and busy as the way there, although the world did enjoy having a tree surgeon surprise us from behind a wall with a loud chainsaw (thankfully Rey didn’t care) and having a jogger pass us on the narrow path who refused to slow down and give us enough time to make room for her.

Don’tcha just love people?! :/


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