Plaque Off review

I stumbled across Plaque Off quite some months ago, on amazon.

Plaque Off is powdered seaweed that has supposedly been found to have beneficial effects on cats and dogs’ teeth. Mostly this product had good reviews, but even so I was completely skeptical – how can a powder that you scatter on your dog’s food help their teeth?!

We bought this product because, at four years old, Kasper’s teeth were beginning to have build up on the back teeth and his teeth looked slightly yellow.

I’ve said a hundred times that Kasper is / was sensitive to body handling…well, lip & tooth handling is still something he is not entirely comfortable with, which means brushing his teeth is out of the question.

To use Plaque Off you simply add a small amount to the dog’s food (the amount varies depending on the dog / cats’ weight). We usually sprinkle it straight onto the kibble, but here’s a photo of it on some yoghurt so you can see it clearer:

So we started using it with both Kasper and Zoey at the beginning of 2015. For many months I didn’t see a difference, but we continued using it as a few places said it takes 1 month+ to have effect. Then, all of a sudden, I was amazed at Kasper’s pearly whites!

I wish I could find any decent ‘before’ photos to show you, and skip to the end to see the photo that best shows his teeth 🙂

Even with Zoey, who has no issues with me messing with her mouth, we noticed an obvious improvement. Zoey’s teeth were already in good condition (even though we brush them at most once every 2 – 4 weeks) but they look great with Plaque Off!


Plaque Off is really easy to add to the dog’s food, and fussy Zoey has never had an issue with the powder – in fact she will lick every last speck from her bowl! When Raiden turned 6 months we started adding a minuscule amount to his food, and he seems to enjoy it too.

I should say that when I have re-read the negative reviews for Plaque Off, I wondered if it was because the pets’ owners added the powder to the food and then left it at that…it’s my understanding that alongside Plaque Off you should use other tools. For us this is providing antlers and Nylabones for the pups to chew, but for other dogs this could be raw bones, tooth brushing etc.

Obviously brushing your pup’s teeth regularly should be the aim; but for some this isn’t always possible. We have found Plaque Off to be life changing, and it has taken a lot of the pressure off me to push Kasper as fast as possible with his tooth training!

Zoey’s new family took her to the vets a few days ago, and guess what? The vet commented on what wonderful condition her teeth were in to say she is three years old 🙂

**edited March 2016** – good photo showing Kasper’s teeth, he is almost 6 years old here

In conclusion we rate Plaque Off: 4 paws out of 4 paws!


4 thoughts on “Plaque Off review

    • Ah wonderful, glad I could (hopefully) help! I hope it makes as much as a difference for you (haha, for Rufus) as it has for our pups 🙂

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