Happy Christmas :)

My parents drove up with my grandparents today.

Last time my family drove up to celebrate Christmas it was the 23rd December, and everything went so wrong. Today was much better 🙂

We went for a meal together and exchanged gifts…we only had one very small gift to give out to each person, as after buying the first few gifts we discovered we unexpectedly had no money (well okay that’s a lie, we had £25 – which is virtually no money! >__< ) and couldn’t afford to buy anymore.

Even so they all liked their little gifts…my dad’s was incredible (!). He keeps chickens and they have been a big part of his life for a long time now…so he got a chicken Russian doll!!


It’s actually the life-cycle of a chick, from egg to hatching…so the smallest ‘doll’ is just a plain white egg, the one up is an egg with cracks, the one after that has a chick’s head emerging etc etc!


My parents also got me and my partner some lovely gifts. I got two extra dog training books (I sent them a list to pick whichever ones they wanted to get me before Christmas and I think they bought me all of them now!) and lots of nice chocolates. They also gave us £25 each, hidden in Christmas crackers 🙂

After a truly delicious meal of a gigantic freshly made cheese and onion pie, my partner and I walked to a nearby garden centre and my dad drove over with the rest of the family.

We mooched around the garden centre and, as we had a little money, we bought the dog’s a few Christmas presents…not much, but it’s the thought that counts.

When we got home we wrapped the presents and ta da! It was time for the boys to have their Christmas 🙂

This was Raiden’s first Christmas, his first time opening presents – he didn’t need any help unwrapping them!!

I’d also just like to point out that when we bought the large red stuffed present, months before Christmas, it was the same size as Raiden 🙂

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Raiden seriously enjoyed his first Christmas, even if we didn’t spoil him as much as we wanted to…he was over the moon 😉


After Raiden had opened his loot and had a good play, my partner took him on a very quick t0ilet walk and then he went into his crate with a stuffed Quest and a meal of kibble and rice.

Then it was Kasper’s turn!

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Kasper loved the small penguin toy that we bought for him to shred…and shred he did, it was dead in under two minutes! We also bought him another Nylabone with bristles, seeing as Zoey took the first to her new home, but Kasper was not impressed with that at all 😛

My dad bought Kasper a present from the garden centre today, too…SAUSAGES!

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Kasper had great fun chewing through the rope and then pulling off each sausage individually…hey, he just turned one dog toy into four smaller ones!!


Kasper’s smile suggested he had an awesome Christmas too 🙂





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