Puppy fun

Although I’m feeling much better, I still seem to be sleeping constantly…I guess maybe I’m making up for lost sleep these past six months :/

I was only awake eight hours yesterday, with naps spread out throughout the day. I do not understand how I am so tired. I’m listening to my body and just letting it sleep whenever it wants though, if I try stay awake throughout the day I get teary and very anxious…so not worth it.

I don’t think I walked Kasper yesterday amongst the sleep, but we did take Raiden on a big hike.

We walked the scenic way to the village over and let him off lead in a large web of fields that he hasn’t been to since he was much, much younger. These happened to be the fields where he met his first ever dogs; cute memory 🙂


We let him off lead with no concern; when there are no distractions he sticks amazingly close, comes when called and checks in often. I am so proud of him!

If his recall is so good during puppyhood / adolescence I am hopeful it will rock when he is an adult. We just need to work in some distractions now so we can proof recall in harder situations.

With having Kasper as my first dog recall / off lead behaviour on walks is always a little daunting, as I expect every dog to be like him…you would not believe how bad Kasper’s recall was. Even when we had recall up to about 75% reliability he would never stick nearby on off lead walks. Sure he would come when called, but if we didn’t call we would only see him very sporadically and he would run miles ahead.

We knew no better at the time, but sorry Kasper it’s the longline for you now! We do always wonder how Kasper would have been off lead if we’d brought him up from a puppy though 😀

After some off lead fun time in the fields with Rey (still didn’t see any other dogs!) we started the walk back. On the trip home Raiden was tiring…I guess a two hour walk with off lead running time is a lot for a little guy. He made it though!

We’ve been doing fun stuff indoors too…general trick training, cone training, coat training and letting him learn to settle around the house.

He has improved SO MUCH on the last point.

I’ve been worried ever since he was about 4 months old that he couldn’t settle anywhere but in his crate. I think now that was a combination of the fact he was so young and also that he didn’t spend enough time in the living room because of Zoey – how could he learn to settle somewhere when it was so exciting to him?

This past week he has come on leaps and bounds. I cannot believe there has been so much improvement in so little time.

He probably settles about 50% of the time out now, usually with a chew. He hasn’t slept properly outside his crate yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂

He has turned into an insane snugglebug. He enjoys settling next to people and really likes lying on his side with a chew a toy whilst getting belly rubs!

We got the coat on him the other day, too. He hasn’t worn it in sooo long, but he was fine. It fits him a little better now! My partner did put it on inside out though 😛

He’s doing really well, bless him. He hasn’t noticed the chinchillas yet, I’m still waiting to see what his reaction will be. Kasper noticed them for the first time yesterday and didn’t bat an eyelid 😀

I need to take my camera out on walks and get photos of the boys pootling…it’s just hard to predict what the weather’s going to do!




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