People, dog walks & guinea pig training!

It’s been a very long day today =__=

When my partner woke up we took Raiden for a BIG walk, & it just happened to be the busiest walk ever. A constant flow of other dogs, aggressive dogs, joggers, hikers, kids…aaagh!

Raiden was bloody incredible bless him, but was getting more wound up. On our way home this old woman walking a dog passed us on a narrow path, and Raiden got carried away – he ran to the end of the lead and wiggle-yapped.

We reeled him in and picked him up (yapping = end of fun), then fed him treats to reward him for being calm in our arms. Problem solved.

This absolute turd of a woman stopped about 4ft past us and said “You do know you’ve just rewarded him for barking, don’t you?” Proper sarcastic.

We’re delicate at the moment; these past few months have been tough and both of us have had crap sleep. My partner couldn’t hold back but, not being one to argue, he politely said “we know a lot about dog training, thanks, we know what we’re doing!”

Instead of leaving the woman then said “Yes, well I’ve owned dogs for forty years. Can’t you see how stupid you are being?”

To which my partner replied: “Thankfully dog training has moved on a long way these past few decades and I think you need to look up positive reinforcement. Please keep walking.”

I was busy shoveling treats in Raiden’s mouth and happy talking him. I didn’t want him to pick up on any tension that could transfer to strangers / old women etc.

Few thoughts on this interaction:

1. When the hell did it become okay to be a rude interfering arse & tell people how to train their dogs?

She had NO RIGHT to comment on how we have chosen to train our dog, and she had no right to call us stupid. I understand opinions differ on dog training, but there is no need to call a stranger out when they are just walking their dog. The only reason I would ever say something is if someone was flat out physically abusing a dog.

2. How had we rewarded him for barking when we picked him up, essentially removing him from the situation? That just doesn’t make sense!

Anyway, we were feeling pretty annoyed and shitty until just ahead, about five minutes after our ‘conversation’, we saw this woman grab her dog around the face, repeatedly yell “NO! BAD DOG! NO!” into the Bichon’s face, and begin slapping the dog’s rear.

If that’s the sort of training methods you use then I am very happy you disagree with ours, you old bat 😉

After that walk we took Kasper out. It was lovely to walk him along the beach on his longline, he had such a good time…I love seeing him smile ^__^

Then just after lunch time we met up with our friend and drove to the zoo!

The zoo wasn’t as good as last time. Quite a few animals were exhibiting obsessive behaviours (eg. pacing) and the rats were all ill; laboured breathing, sneezing & lethargic 😦

The lemurs were amazing though! I don’t know why but they came and interacted with us – one held onto my sleeve for several minutes, and others climbed onto my chest!

Skip to 2.40

We also got to see some Golden Pheasants doing the mating dance, WHICH I LOVE! They kinda trot around the female, then raise the feathers on their face like a mask and hiss!!


After the zoo we drove to a petting farm, as it has free admission in the winter.

Last time we were at this petting farm we were disgusted with the way some of the animals were treated; many were stressed, there were farm animals with babies who clearly felt threatened by everyone gawping at them, and the farm pumps out puppies as a way to entice visitors.

Today was no different…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were yet more Border Collie puppies, that’s four litters we’ve seen in a year 😦

They looked to be maybe four months old (?) and were in a small stall, with no toys. They were constantly bombarded by strangers and loud children & were incredibly timid and stressed. We happy talked them a lot and after a few minutes some of them played and gave us kisses. It was a nice turn around to see 🙂


They also seemed to have a skin disorder

After our adventures we came back home & I had a nap whilst my partner played with Raiden around me.

I slept for an hour, then we met up with our friend again and took Kasper for a huge walk. Kasper was INCREDIBLE with our friend, I was delighted.

Once our friend went home we took Raiden on another big walk to the village over, to see the Christmas tree before it goes down. We hadn’t had a chance to see it yet what with Zoey.

**edited – I forgot the guinea pig training!!**

Okay so anyone who has had guinea pig knows they are extremely timid and flighty.

Rufio is our 4 month old guinea pig, and I have been training him using positive reinforcement to enjoy handling and build his confidence. Here is our progress in just three days. Not only does he know a cue for stepping onto the door, he happily holds his head completely still for scritches 😀

After fuss he gets a treat (small chunks of cucumber) and we repeat. We’ve now progressed to me running my hand down his back – I’m confident that I can teach this guinea pig some awesome tricks real soon 🙂

*sits and waits for sleep* I’ve almost been up 24 hours with just one hours sleep, please-please-please let me sleep soon…


3 thoughts on “People, dog walks & guinea pig training!

    • Very true. The zoo is normally quite impressive, really one of the best I’ve seen. They did suffer from the floods recently so I wondered if that had stressed out some of the animals or meant resources had to go elsewhere? The petting farm has been terrible pretty much from our first visit…it just seems to be all about drawing in customers and their money with absolutely no effort put into the animals 😦

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