4am bloggy

Can’t sleep, and as everyone else is snoring here I am.

**Zoey part**

We’ve had lots of Zoey updates…although it’s good to hear she’s doing well, it’s like having our hearts ripped out every time we read them. Our aim is, once everybody is sure she is settled and happy, we will ask for less often updates…maybe once a month. Eventually we will wind down to Zoey’s birthday & Christmas only.

They said after we left the house Zoey whined for about 4 hours, and was pacing and anxious. Their dog Jake would go up and try calm or play with her when she was particularly vocal.

Zoey slept on the couch with her new owners in the evening and Jake went and snuggled right up to her to sleep – apparently Zoey found this really reassuring, and this news made me cry because she has *always* wanted to cuddle with Kasper and he so rarely lets her.

She slept in the humans’ bed at night. Their dog is too big to sleep in bed but he’s always slept on his own doggy bed in their room, and he didn’t mind.

They’ve not put her harness on yet because they want her to feel more comfortable with them before they try. They have a medium sized garden though (about 3x the size of ours) so she’s getting lots of play time out there.

She’s still whiny and anxious and unsettled, but there are moments where she rests, and plays, and is happy. It’s more than we could have hoped for.

**end Zoey part**

I’ve been walking Kasper and Raiden several times a day, big long hikes in the pouring rain, which has been awesome. This is the first time I’ve walked Kasper in about 3 months, and the first time I’ve taken Rey on proper long walks in two.

Yesterday I walked to the local Co-op with my partner to pick up a few  bits, which was the first time I’d been in a shop in over 1.5 months.

Tomorrow (well today I guess) we are seeing our friend for the first time in 2.5 months. We are going to a nearby zoo, which will be the first time I have traveled somewhere and left the village in exactly two months…I’m expecting stress levels to rocket!

After a zoo trip we will come back home and walk both dogs with our friend too.

We’ve had several big bouts of crying daily, but in between the crying we’re doing remarkably well. Kasper comes over when we cry and sits on my lap and puts his head on my partner’s shoulder, which is adorable.

Raiden’s life is already much improved; he’s having one less walk a day but his walks are far longer, he gets to see me 7+ hours a day instead of 0 hours a day, and he’s already spending 5+ hours total in the living room which we will build up in no time.

He and Kasper didn’t really get to spend time / train together these past few months (because we had nowhere we could put Zoey, and she was too stressed to focus around Rey) so until things are more settled Kasper goes into his crate zone when Raiden is out and we will intro them from scratch.

Kasper has gone from getting one thirty minute walk a day to getting two 60+ minute walks a day, with several training sessions and tug of war’s daily.

In the past two days I’ve built up the time he can hold beg from two seconds to about ten, which is incredible. I’ve also been training our guinea pig, so video evidence will come (it’s nothing exciting).


Kasper keeping close

I went to bed at about 10.30pm last night and woke up at 3am. I’m annoyed because this means when we go to the zoo in the early afternoon I’ll already be tired, and the dog’s evening walks with our friend might have to be cancelled if I need to sleep.

I really wish I could sleep normally instead of just 5 hours a night. Maybe I should up the dose of the med I’m currently taking, or ask a pharmacist if there’s anything stronger…



4 thoughts on “4am bloggy

  1. Many years ago I rehomed one of my adult cats to my sister. She said the first couple of days he wandered around the house and howled. But she hung in there and loved on him when he would allow it and positive reinforcement at all times. He soon became so ingrained in the family he would let her kids dress him up and carry him around like a stuffed animal (they were gentle with him). It will take time for Zoey to settle it but it sounds like she is in the right place. It will take time for you to adjust to her loss. Be gentle with yourself. You and your partner will figure it out.

    • Thank you so much. I know when we adopted Kasper he had a few days when he was stressed…then he was on his best behaviour for a few weeks, and after that his real personality came out: the nightmare dog emerged!!

      We have done better today. There has been more happiness and less sadness…there are just random moments where we miss her so much, like right now, not having her snuggled under the duvet in bed with me…

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