Zoey’s last day

The visit with Zoey’s potential new family went really well.

I asked them to bring their dog out first, and we went to a nearby field. They took their dog Jake, an American Bulldog cross, to the far end of the field and we had Zoey at the closer end doing Look At That.

After maybe fifteen minutes we walked across the field at opposite sides and once Zoey was able to focus on us we met up in the middle of the field.

Zoey was on an 8ft longline and she was extremely nervous but desperately wanted to say hello to Jake; she crawled over on her belly and gave off lots of calming signals. Jake was exactly as they said, just totally chilled and happy in himself.

After a minute we dropped the longline and Zoey zoomed around the field at top speed, then went and said hello to Jake again. After a few minutes we took her lead off.

Zoey had mad zoomies and kept running up to Jake to play. Jake gambled after her but she was much faster and he was too lazy to play rough and tumble; I think that will be good for Zoey.

We were out for about half an hour with the dogs playing and just getting used to being in the same place, then the guy drove Jake home and me, my partner and the woman went inside to talk.

Zoey had lots of toys out so she was polite (for Zoey) and happy to interact, toy in gob, and also entertain herself. We had written out a kind of Zoey manual; a 2872 word booklet with chapters on diet, training, toys, treats, walks and health.

Their dog Jake has no interest in soft toys, only treat toys, so after an initial period Zoey should be able to have toys out in her new home.

She will be allowed on the furniture, sleep in their bedroom, and well and truly loved. I am so hopeful this works out.

My partner and I have had several bouts of clinging to each other whilst crying hysterically, and Zoey has literally licked our tears away…after mammoth crying we feel better for a while, but it’s gonna be a tough few weeks / months.

We have told her new family we do not want to come visit her. I don’t feel it would be fair on her or her new family, and I don’t think it would do us any good. When we adopted Kasper his previous owner wanted to come visit him several times (she cancelled every time; one time she had forgotten and we’d been waiting for her for half an hour) and it completely stressed us out – would it upset Kasper? Would she want him back?

I want her new family to be totally comfortable with Zoey, and I don’t think I could cope with my heart breaking every time I saw her.

I still can’t picture our lives without Zoey. I feel horrible for wanting her rehomed these past few weeks when things have been so bad…now that it’s here I want to cling to her and never let her go.

Here is Zoey’s last day with us in photos…we haven’t done much other than cuddle in bed ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In about twenty minutes time we will be heading out for one final huge hike with Zoey, to the cliffs and back. We’ll probably be out for a few hours; I hope it doesn’t rain.

Then we’ll have a night of snuggles and love…



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