Nervous miracle

Yesterday, just after my blog, a new person got in touch about Zoey.

The first message was promising as they provided us with a lot of information. I really appreciate this, it is so much better than “is the dog still available can you drop her off”, and it also makes me feel less guilty about writing 6 pages about Zoey.

Here’s what we know about the interested party:

  • A couple; one works six hours and the other works from home
  • They lost their elderly SBT a few months ago to cancer
  • They have an American Bulldog cross who is 7.5 years old
  • They have used purely positive training methods with both their dogs, they worked with reactivity with their past dog AND they have a family member who is used to caring for their dog/s (used a lot when their last dog was ill so he wasn’t alone)
  • They are very understanding about our situation and happy to take Zoey asap

We are meeting them today and they are bringing their dog along.

If today goes well they are coming back tomorrow. If tomorrow goes well we will travel (with Zoey) back to their house, and Zoey will have an overnight stay. We will take it from there.

We have been trying to contact the previous couple that were interested in Zoey and they haven’t been back in touch…it’s been a week since we last heard from them now. Today we will be sending a message to say Zoey is probably going to another family.

I am extremely nervous.

All of a sudden it’s very real. I’ve been living in this world where Zoey was going to leave ‘soon’, but soon could mean anytime from four days to four weeks away. Now it could be tomorrow.

Every time Zoey cuddles on my lap or I find myself stroking her I break into tears.


How can I live without her? I can’t imagine it.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for her to find a home, but she’s so important to me. Two months in the house had me feel like letting her go would be easy as I would get my life back, but life will be so much less vibrant without our little blockhead 😦

I am trying to force back the tears and just be with her and love her but I don’t feel like I can do this, my heart is breaking.

If this works it could be a perfect home for her though.

I’m very scared about how she will do with their dog, if they hated each other on sight it most likely won’t work out. It doesn’t help that their dog is a large dog (Labrador size) and Zoey was recently bullied and very scared by a Labrador.

They have said their dog is extremely confident in himself but very calm. He has no issues with dogs of any size and he finds it easy to deal with bouncy dogs, timid dogs, rude dogs.

Their dog also has no interest in toys other than food toys, so I’m hopeful that after an introductory period Zoey will still be able to have toys about to make her training easier and keep her happy.


4 thoughts on “Nervous miracle

    • Thank you, it went really well…better than we could have hoped for. Tomorrow they are visiting again, then we will go back and leave Zoey for an overnight visit.

    • Thank you so much. The meeting went well with Zoey and her new family today, and tomorrow she is having an overnight trial…there has been lots of tears. I just want everyone to be happy and loved…

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