Boxes ahoy!

Ordering lots of things means lots of deliveries.

Yesterday we had several HUGE boxes arrive; today we got a big box and a little one. Kasper is in his element barking at the door and alerting us to these possible dangers. Meanwhile the other dogs sleep through. Sometimes Zoey gets up and yawns.



Yesterday’s delivery. The bigger boxes came up to my chest.

The chinchilla cage and all the other toys we ordered from Zooplus arrived yesterday. My partner built the cage whilst I assembled a cat tree that we got for the chins and then ‘supervised’ 😉


The cage is fantastic and looks so immense in person – it really is huge!

Today the chinchilla cube arrived (a hanging, enclosed snuggle box for larger rodents), a double hammock, a huge bag of hay, my colouring books and another pack of felt tips.

I can’t wait for the wooden levels for the cage to arrive, so I can get everything set up. The cage did come with maybe a dozen plastic levels, but I’ve read some things saying chins might chew and ingest plastic, so until I’ve established healthy chewing habits and had time to observe them I’m trying to use as much wood in their cage as possible. I’ll post pics when it’s all set up though and will review the cage when the chins are settled in there 🙂

I slept all day today >__<

I was so happy that I’d worked my sleep away from being nocturnal…then the past few days I haven’t been able to sleep at night, even with meds. I can’t get to sleep when my partner’s asleep because my mind starts fretting about everything to do with Zoey. Then daylight comes and my partner wakes up, and I fall asleep much easier because he is there to talk to and the meds have left me sleepy.

My partner phoned lots of rescue centres today whilst I slept. Here’s the rundown:

1) The first rescue centre was the one we volunteered with for almost five years. They said they would not take Zoey as she was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and would be a waste of kennel space.

2) & 3) said they wouldn’t take her because she has separation anxiety, and nobody would want her.

4) This rescue said they felt our pain and we were in a real sucky situation. We really appreciated this. Despite the fact they are several hours drive from us they put us on their waiting list and also gave us three phone numbers for Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed specific rescues.

5) Full with a long waiting list.

6), 7) & 8) didn’t pick up the last few times we have called. Two of them didn’t pick up when we rang them a few months back, either.

9) & 10) These were two of the breed specific rescues. Both said that they have space available (one even had foster homes!) but that they don’t take dogs in from the public, only from other rescues…they would not take Zoey in, and there would be no way for us to get her into a rescue centre to then get transferred to the breed specific ones. Wonderful.

11) The final Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue said they are full and the waiting list is looooong.

We have volunteered at five animal rescues over the years and have done all we can to help them, including walking and training the dogs, sitting and cleaning out the cats, donating food and buying from their charity shops…yet most have not even tried to help us or even treated us with respect. I am seeing them in an all new light.

Ugh *rant ahead*

Number eleven also pissed me off as I don’t feel that rescue centres are helping the Staffy breed. They take them in and often kennel them where they get totally stressed out, and the dogs then come across badly to potential adoptees.

This can’t be helped, I get that.

But these dogs have even less of a chance because the rescues go on to ask a phenomenal fee for a breed that most people already refuse to even consider rehoming. They were asking £150 – £300 adoption fee! Of course you’re going to struggle to rehome them…

I understand that there is a need for adoption fees, not only to help the rescues with even a little money but also to ensure the family are serious and can offer a good home…but my problem is that you can rehome a rescue Staffie for £0 – £90 on rehoming sites, and the dogs are generally far less stressed because they haven’t been through kennels.

You can often get a BYB / accidental Staffy puppy on rehoming sites for far less than these rescues are charging for adult dogs with issues.

Not to mention the invasive and often ridiculous homing procedure rescues use. Of course there needs to be procedure, but things should be taken more on a case by case basis, and some of the blanket statements are ridiculous.

There are rescues that won’t rehome to you if:

  • an adult in the house doesn’t work (what if they’re disabled but would otherwise be a great home?)
  • your garden has less than 5ft fencing (even if the dog is small / elderly),
  • the dog will be left alone longer than 2 hours (seriously, I have seen this as a rule for every dog they rehome…)
  • you don’t have a garden.

Up until Kasper was 14 months old we lived in a tiny one bedroom flat with no garden; he was a 9 month old Border Collie cross and we had no issues. We didn’t live somewhere with a garden until Kasper was over two years old. It was not a problem.

I also hate when rescues have age restrictions, usually ‘no under 25s’. This would mean I was only just eligible now! When we adopted Kasper I was 21 and my partner was 20; I do not think he could have found much of a better home.

Okay, rant over.


5 thoughts on “Boxes ahoy!

    • Thanks, I’ll look into them. We have another family interested in Zoey that have been very open and willing to talk about every aspect of themselves and dog ownership…we’re meeting up with them today, and if it goes well they will have ‘first dibs’ on Zoey. We still haven’t heard from the first couple, I’m not sure what to do about it at this point.

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