We spoke with our vet and a PR trainer who would cover our area for a little extra charge.

Neither had any advice to offer. The vet said we could try medication in the short term, but it would still involve us having to build up leaving Zoey very slowly over a matter of months.

The trainer said we seemed skilled at handling behavioural problems with our dogs, and she could not offer any more than what we are doing. She recommended trying to leave her in a separate room more often whilst we are in the house with things to do (we have been trying to do this but she’s just started whining). Leaving Zoey would have to go right back to the start too, just a minute at a time, so she wouldn’t have time to feel anxious.

The trainer said rehoming her sounded like it could be the best for all of us. She did not push us to rehome Zoey, but she said it was a very valid option.

We have had Zoey’s information listed for potential fostering for three weeks now, and less than a week ago some people messaged saying they were interested in adopting her.

We got in touch and have spoken a few times. They’re home all day, Zoey would be an only dog (meaning she would get all their attention and could have toys about 24/7), force free training methods, and they have said they understand things would have to be taken very slowly.

I have been very honest about Zoey, her issues and how much management she will need. The original information the people responded to was 2601 words long; this blog is 404.

If they really are interested we will meet up with them and Zoey, and take it from there.

I expected to be crying hysterically 24/7 if we ever reached this point, but I am actually just totally numb. I’ve only been able to sleep 5.5 hours total the past two nights. I have a headache and feel constantly nauseous.

I think this might be the worst Christmas ever.

Zoey is her usual happy self when we’re home. Lots of snuggling and kisses and happy smiles. I want her to be like that all the time. Kasper and Rey are fine too.

I don’t understand why I’m not breaking right now. I’m scared there’ll be a point where I just crack completely.

I hope everyone else has a Happy Christmas, sorry for such a depressing post…


6 thoughts on “Numb

  1. Take it easier, please, please!!!! It is your bipolar which is felt by Zoey, I still think. She feels that you are not stable recently and she is unstable, too. You should do two things: trying to keep your balance as far as possible till you can see a specialist. It might not be a so long waiting time – you have been shortlisted by your doctor, haven’t you? The second thing could be to find a temporary solution for Zoey. Maybe, that nice couple would agree to foster her for some weeks right now and in the next years whenever needed. Or you could try to find temporary foster pawrents for her with the help of a reliable local shelter or animal rescue.

    • Without meaning to be rude I have been unstable for many years now, and this has never caused Zoey to have separation anxiety before. I’ve always been very good at hiding my moods from the dogs, the only reason this issue popped up is because we left the pen open. I also wouldn’t want to uproot Zoey and send her to a foster home, to then bring her back only to have her rehomed yet again when the issues remain.

      The training we are having to do with Zoey (ie. never leave her alone) not only takes a toll on my health but it’s incredibly unfair on our other dogs…Kasper spends far more time in his crate and Raiden barely gets to see me. This is not fair.

      Sometimes you have to accept that rehoming a dog is the best thing you can do for them, and in this case I think it is. We’ve had feedback from various professionals and they have agreed…Zoey can be worked with and have a happy life, but it’s not possible for us to do that.

      Re-training Zoey to be left alone would take months, if it was possible at all…I can’t spend all my time in the house with her for months. I would miss out on too much with the other dogs, really resent Zoey for it and I wouldn’t be able to go to any Dr’s appointments.

      We have been working on this for almost two months now.

      • I’m terribly sorry if I hurt you – I seem to have misunderstood your earlier blog entries and I thought that your state is recently worse than usually. I also projected my own experiences on to your situation, because I tend to misconceive my own situation, prospects or other people’s behaviour or words when I’m really down, and I was afraid that you might run this risk. But you are stronger and maturer than me, as I see.

      • Hey no worries, and I’m sorry if I was snappish – we’re feeling a little delicate here at the moment 😉

        I really value your friendship, I’ve just been told lots recently that rehoming Zoey because of a mental illness is ‘bad’, whereas rehoming a dog for a physical illness is a totally valid reason…I think I got the wrong end of the stick with your comment and thought you were saying something similar. My fault, not yours 🙂

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