Puppy socialisation and off lead play

Good morning / evening!

Today feels like a positive day…which is weird as yesterday I completely cracked and sat crying hysterically for over an hour because the dark thoughts were getting to me.

We only just got up. We’re very nocturnal at the moment…we went to bed at 12pm and got up at 8.30pm. We’re trying to stay up a little later everyday until we work our way back to ‘normal’…we’ve had to do this a few times; my body seems naturally nocturnal.

On Rey’s bedtime walk (which was around 11am 😀 ) he got to play with a dog off lead!

We’ve tried walking him everywhere but it’s rare we see other dogs. We’ve tried hitting the most popular dog walking spots at different (morning, dinner, early afternoon, tea time) but we’ve had such crappy luck. If the weather’s even thinking about rain people don’t walk their dogs…not good for this amazingly wet autumn / winter!

Raiden gets to see more dogs that don’t want to play, are on lead or  aggressive; we do LAT around them and he rocks it. He does get to play with other dogs (which he *loves*) but I want this to happen 4+ times a week, and it really only happens once or twice a fortnight.

We don’t know anybody who has a stable, dog-friendly adult dog – what can we do?


There weren’t even any good puppy socialisation classes anywhere near us!


Today my partner was walking Rey before bed, and a Shar Pei appeared out of nowhere on the field. We have never seen a Shar Pei in our village before, so that was unexpected!

The Shar Pei was off lead with an owner nowhere to be seen but it was approaching in a loose friendly manner, so my partner let Rey go say hello.

I was at home with Kasper and Zoey (I was actually asleep until they woke me up playing 😛 ). I didn’t get to see Raiden’s interaction 😦 but I always ask my partner a hundred questions when he gets back!

The Shar Pei was high energy and a really good match for Rey. They both sprinted about chasing each other and were really happy and comfortable.

Because the Shar Pei was so playful there was no need for Raiden to pester it (we have to watch him with dogs that don’t want to play as he will bounce about and paw them), although he did his usual yapping as he chased the dog, because he couldn’t keep up!!

In between bouts of vigorous play there were moments of calm where they had a few seconds rest, and sniffed each other. I’ve never seen this happen with Rey before!

They played together for around three or four minutes, then my partner called Rey – who came immediately! – and picked him up 🙂


Raiden is so incredible…also look how he’s grown! 🙂

The pick up was necessary; you can’t expect Rey not to want to go off again, especially if the Shar Pei was trying to play and the dog’s owner wasn’t around to call it away.

I am OVER THE MOON that this happened, but at the back of my mind I am irritated because what if it’d been Zoey on that walk?

The Shar Pei would’ve been yet another off lead dog, without an owner present, that rushed over to her…


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