Where there’s a puppy there are pictures

Pic heavy post today!

It was our first day leaving Zoey at a time other than in the morning immediately after we had woken up – can you believe it, what progress!

We were out for about an hour and ten minutes and when we got back Zoey was on the bed, very calm. She didn’t even rush over to me when I went into the room! Nothing had been destroyed and all the Kongs had been emptied; there were just a few pieces of kibble left in the Cube 🙂

So that’s incredible.

It’s going so well we are cautiously arranging to socialise again – my parents are coming up next Wednesday and we’re going to have a meal out and exchange Christmas presents (this will be the first time I have left the house and gone somewhere other than a dog walk in over a month!).

Then on the 10th January some friends from uni are coming up for a day, and hopefully we can do some fun activities whilst leaving Zoey happy at home 🙂

I want her to be like this!


Yesterday something amazing happened for both me and Kasper – I significantly cut his nails using clippers!!!

When we first adopted Kasper he hated grooming / body handling…we got avoidance, fearful body language and gentle mouthing. Years later he’s much better. I can dry, brush, trim his fur (even ear tangles!), handle his paws etc with no problem. But not nails trims.

As for me I’ve always found the idea of using clippers to cut his nails terrifying too, probably because I’ve never used clippers myself and most his nails are black.

This summer I managed to get some shavings off his nails with the clippers, which was wonderful progress, but it wasn’t enough to get his nails under control.

Since then we have been filing his nails; we aim to do it daily but sometimes we do it as a little as four times a week, and when things were at their worst we often skipped a week.

This week we’ve been doing really well, and have only missed one day of nail work…unfortunately the file doesn’t seem as effective, could it have worn down already?!

So last night, after several minutes of filing that felt pointless, I grabbed the clippers and told my partner to up the speed that he was feeding Kasper treats…and I just went for it!

I only used the clippers on one nail, but Kasper was totally fine with it. I took maybe 1/3 of a cm off, then filed the edges down a little too. Now that I’m using clippers again I need to buy some scissor styles ones in 🙂


I do still want to use the dremel, badly. But first of all we would need to counter condition our pups to the noise and sensation of the dremel, and secondly the dremel (which my parents bought me new for my birthday) doesn’t seem to work…uuugh!

As for Raiden he will turn 6 months old on 20th December!!


My little-big man 🙂

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone…I love the fact he’s a small breed means he’s a perpetual puppy XD

*photobomb incoming*


Photos from our very wet and windy walk this morning…11am and already looked like it was getting dark!

This is one of my favourite walks with Raiden. The landscape is interesting, flat and pretty.


Flooding. Everywhere we walk, there is flooding!

On one side there’s the channel that runs into the sea – when the tide comes in (or when it’s rained A LOT) the water has no problem bursting the banks and can produce an amazing flood. On dry days the water is barely more than a trickling stream…today it was somewhere in between!


On the other side there’s a small cliff, only 5ft tall at the lowest point, but if you carry on walking it stretches to about 15ft tall.


Raiden loves barreling up and down the cliffs. If you walk along the beach even further you hit the end of the world and there the cliffs are ginormous; it is these cliffs that Zoey loves tearing up and down!


Raiden has plenty of space to roam and explore.


When he was younger he used to love tearing down these muddy banks and put the breaks on at the last minute, just before he crashed into the fast flowing water. Scared the bejeezus out of us!


The worst part about this walk is

a) quite a few aggressive dogs get walked off lead here
b) The sea washes up hundreds of pieces of litter, and it sits there week after week…not great for dogs


Just a small heavily littered patch, it stretches on like this for several minutes

c) CORN COBS!! Corn cobs are actually really dangerous to dogs and, when swallowed, can easily cause a life threatening blockage. In the past two weeks we have found five corn cobs on this walk; thankfully our dogs have no interest in them, I assume because they are old and have lost their foody smell.


do they get washed up by the tide or what??

It’s still a great walk though, and really enjoyable. I also like that it’s easy to vary the length; you can make it last for 20 minutes or several hours.


“I love this walk mum!”

Video footage of the bearded boy having a blast…

There’s a wonderful bit where he does Look At That whilst a dog going past strains towards him on the other side of the road – Rey stayed so calm!

Oh, please ignore the bit where I stand in a mountain of dog poo and swear like a sailor!



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