How to entertain yourself during a storm / blackout!


We’re having an awesome festive feast to celebrate tonight. Our house is warm, the glitter lamp’s on, Christmas songs are blaring, the tree lights are on and we’re currently picking out a Christmas movie to watch with food.

Obviously a very tough decision to have to make…


I discovered Christmas lights look amazing up close and out of focus!


Santa rode around our village tonight on a sleigh with wonderfully loud Christmas music playing. Unfortunately outside it’s raining cats and dogs, so Santa skipped our row of houses (even though we’re on the main road!!) when he was riding around in his sleigh. Git, I had my camera ready and everything.

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year, but this year it’s been really weird.

We put our tree up fantastically early (why not when you like Christmas?!) but this month we haven’t even opened our advents. Things just kept getting in the way and it didn’t feel very Christmassy.

We’re working hard to change that now so I’ll post the obligatory tree blogย tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

For now here are some photos from the three days we didn’t have power – it’s funny the ways you can think of to entertain yourselves!

Mainly we played verbal games…ABC game, What would you do? game, word association, I’m thinking of a dog breed guess which one etc etc.

We also dug out this game my Nana bought us four Christmases ago (pre-Zoey or Rey!). Zoey found the noise that happened when the ring touched the wire fascinating, rendering the game almost impossible until she became bored ๐Ÿ˜€


Reading was fun but tricky, as we only had one torch to read by, and as it was a wind-up the light dimmed within minutes. Bit of a pain!

We also played a hell of a lot of Pictionary, only ours is called Piss Artist and is a little…ruder ^__^

Neither of us claim to be artists, so here are some of the hilarious products of the game:


My partner’s rendition of Dumbo was pretty terrifying. Why is one ear so gigantic compared to the other, was this a fact of Dumbo that I have somehow forgotten?!


For ‘poke’ I drew a Pikachu (Pokemon, geddit?!) being poked…no really, that is supposed to be a finger >__<


Both these entries are very special haha…the left is supposed to be Lord Of The Rings…so there’s a ring, and hairy feet, and…okay, so it’s terrible haha! Then on the right the word I had to draw was ‘Herbs’, and my partner used to watch a (terrifying) children’s TV program called The Herbs, so I drew characters from that ๐Ÿ˜€


My partner got a point for his Raging Bull, despite the fact it looked like it was chewing its’ own horn and had innards hanging out of its side hahahaha


‘The dog’s bollocks’


And finally ‘punish’…which was surprisingly tricky!

I started with a dog, whose owner was scolding it for having an accident inside…but my partner was nonplussed, so I tried to do a boss whipping a lowly employer…but for some reason the boss was wearing a fishing hat and only confused my partner further! Somehow I got the point though ๐Ÿ˜€


And the last ‘game’ we played was one I have been playing for 20+ years now!

As a small child my Nana would give me a piece of A4 paper and give meย something to draw (eg. my dream house, playground etc), then we would both draw frantically on separate sheets.

When we were both finished with our works of art my Grandad would crown one of us the winner.

I love my Nana to bits and have extremely fond memories of this activity, and I still love it now! Thankfully my partner is as much of a childish goofball as me, so when I suggested it he came up with the topic of drawing our ideal dog walking / activity area…and we were off!

Thinking and getting your idea onto paper is hugely fun, but it’s also amazing (and possibly even better) to compare pictures at the end and see how different they are.

Mine was much more…realistic, I guess? Boring??

I had described the secure fencing and access gates (yes, I am *that* lame), although there was a dog sweet shop, as well as our favourite walking locations…oh, and LOTS of poo bins ๐Ÿ˜‰


Whereas my partner had used amazing imagination for his.

He had a puzzle feeder tree that held different puzzle feeders (Kongs, Tux, dispenser etc), a training pen specifically for working on reactivity or distractions, where robotic dogs or people walked alongside so you could play LAT. The area also had treat dispensers hung above you, so you had treats in every area.

There was a chill out lounge with cushions, a tent, a bed and a gigantic antler, and plenty of areas to explore…moors, marshland etc. There was a cannon that fired a different toy every time and, my favourite, a small section of different textures to socialise puppies with…so carpet, tarmac, mud, sand etc etc.

I am so lucky to have this brilliant person in my life ๐Ÿ™‚


So yeah…that’s we did during our three day blackout ๐Ÿ˜€


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