Secret footage of separation anxiety progress

So as you know we are currently working through Zoey’s anxiety and destructiveness whilst left.

Up until a few days ago we had seen little to no progress, no matter what we’ve tried, then all of a sudden things were going slightly better…and now we even saw a positive change from yesterday to today 🙂

We did film her again (hence the blog’s title 😛 ) and we’ve spent the past five hours trying to get this bloody video edited and uploaded!

My partner found a way I could add captions to the video, but I still wasn’t able to crop it and make it shorter…this means the video is 40+ minutes long and most of it is really boring!

I’ll post the video below, and here are the points to look out for:

4 minute 10 mark – Zoey emerges from under the duvet…nothing to do with training but so cute hahaha!

7 minutes 50 – we dump Zoey’s puzzle feeders and toys in, then leave the house. Zoey eats the Calmex in the bowl then empties her Kong.

9 mins 30 – emptying one of the puzzle feeders

9 mins 55 – begins frozen Kong

25 mins 50 – puzzle feeder

36 mins 50 – first sign of Zoey being anxious, she has finished the ‘best’ things so is restless

37 mins 40 – tries to dig under the covers to sleep; tense body, signs of stress – we have been gone thirty minutes by this point

38 mins 20 – goes back to puzzle feeder

38 mins 30 – we are home!!

We were pretty happy watching this.

Zoey’s toys lasted her a long time, and kept her busy and stress-free. There was a few minutes when she was anxious, but she didn’t whine and she even thought about settling.

When we got home she sat and waited, and the entire time she only whined once. I’m not sure on if we should rush up and let her out straight away, or if that would encourage her to pay closer attention for us returning and whine as soon we did.

Tomorrow I think we will try give her the Calmex earlier, and add treats alongside the kibble in the puzzle feeders to try make them seem more exciting.

Now onto Rey’s very grey walk!


Seeing as we didn’t want to leave Zoey for toooo long, we took him to a nearby field for most the walk


I love getting him to post on things…lookit that face!!! ❤


There’s always loads of litter on the field…it’s disgusting, but useful for teaching ‘drop it’ and showing him we won’t steal everything he finds! Rey was happy to pick it up and charge about with it 😀


I had my camera so got a few clips of Raiden tearing about like a loon, and doing some of the standard ‘training’ we do on walks…he loves the recall game, as you can see 😀

Afterwards we wandered over to the chickens and did some LAT with Rey, then carried little man home







2 thoughts on “Secret footage of separation anxiety progress

    • Thanks! We haven’t been able to leave her for a few days like that due to power cuts, but when we tried the kitchen that didn’t work at all…so for now we’ll just use the bedroom in the morning and try figure something out from there! 😀

      How’s Oscar plum head doing?! ❤

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