One day at a time

Today we decided to just take a step back from it all.

Zoey’s information is going to be put onto a local rehoming site, but she is not going into kennels. They are looking for foster or permanent homes for her, and if any are found we will talk more about if they are suitable, and if it’s 100% the right thing to do…if we could do it.

As horrible as this is going to sound, we are making less of a big deal of Zoey.

Before it was all ‘her her her’; we weren’t leaving the house in case it made her anxiety worse (I haven’t left the house, other than with Zoey, in weeks), we were crating our other dogs way more than usual because Zoey was stressed etc etc etc.

That’s not happening anymore, our world can’t revolve around her – not when we have two other dogs who haven’t put a foot wrong.

So today when we first woke up my partner put Kasper in his crate, we left Zoey upstairs in the bedroom (snuggled in bed) and I just went with my partner and got to walk Rey for the first time in over two weeks 🙂

Raiden has changed so much out on walks in such a short space of time, it was crazy.

He’s still wonderful and I’m so thankful my partner has managed to keep up with all the training single-handedly. But last time I walked him he had to have litter in his mouth to tear about off lead. If he didn’t have litter he was usually running back to us, offering sits, walking by the side of us etc.

Now he’s like an actual dog haha!

He runs off lead to explore and sniff things, but he also comes when called, checks in etc. It was really nice to see, but made me sad that I had missed out on this progression…although my partner said he hadn’t even realised so maybe I wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t had the break.

When we got back we tiptoed in the house so quietly and put Rey away. Zoey did whine once we’d been back five minutes (only one whine), but she wasn’t frantic or anxious, and she’d only ripped up a tissue we’d left out in the bedroom.

This isn’t a magic fix, it does not mean things are fine or back to normal.

We left her in the bedroom as a one off, and the more we leave her up there the more she will know what to expect (ie. that we are leaving). I imagine she will get more vocal too.

But alongside the calming meds and the training, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

I’m wondering if it would be best to mix up where we leave her; so sometimes it was the bedroom, sometimes the living room etc. But maybe that will just make her vocal everywhere…

Today we’re going to try have Kasper and Rey out in the living room together, to train and interact, and we’ll try have Zoey in the kitchen or bedroom with things to keep her busy.

Kasper and Rey haven’t seen each other since all this began, as Zoey can’t be around Rey right now – she is too stressed and can’t focus on me when asked, she just zeroes right in on Raiden.

This isn’t fair on him as he’s trying to come away from her when called, and do the training we ask, but he can’t because Zoey won’t let him. And we haven’t been able to let Kasp and Rey be together because we haven’t had anywhere to leave Zoey!!

So…Zoey kind of isn’t our priority anymore.

We’re doing our best to help her, but I’m not letting everything else go to shit because of it. I need to leave the house and get away from her, so she will be left so this can happen. Kasper and Rey need to continue their bonding and training, so again Zoey will be moved whilst we do this.

It’s probably not fair on her, but it’s the best we can do.

I am relieved that leaving her went so well today (we were out forty minutes), but I don’t like to think about it as I am 98% sure it won’t last.

There you go, that’s our latest progress report. Another night of stress, tears and little sleep.

For now have some photos of the big pups. These were taken last night during another ‘what the hell are we gonna do’ discussion…




7 thoughts on “One day at a time

    • It was wonderful…much as I love Zoey, spending 24/7 with her (especially when she is more stressed than usual) is draining!

      • Thanks ❤ I said something similar on another comment; we love our dogs so much by my bob do they stress us out when they have issues!!!

        Take care xxx

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